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Decoden Cupcake Necklace

The inner child that lives within me loves the pretty look of cupcakes.  I don’t think I have to go into much of a rant here, because I’m sure many of you will agree.  The one thing that I am not thrilled about when it comes to cupcakes are the calories.  Real cupcakes pack a whole lot of those… as I’m sure most of you know pretty well too.  For now, I will stick to just admiring these faux decoden cupcakes I have made for myself.  You can follow along with this easy step-by-step if you want to create your own wearable (and non-fat) mini cupcakes.

Decoden Cupcake Necklace
Step 1 (Supplies): Mini cupcake liners; Dap brand adhesive sealant; small styrofoam balls; glitter, beads, rhinestones, buttons, or anything else you want to use to decorate your cupcakes.
Step 2 & 3: Place the styrofoam balls into the mini cupcake liners; Fill the remaining space in the liner with Dap sealant. To get a high tip, work in an upward direction. Make sure to touch all sides of the liner with the sealant (it shrinks as it dries). TIP: Use piping bags and pastry decorative tips for easier application.
Step 4: Decorate your cupcake to your heart’s desire! This is my favorite step.
Step 5: Let your cupcakes dry for 24 hours before glazing them. You can also add jewelry hardware at this stage to add your mini cupcakes to a necklace like mine. Happy crafting friends!
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