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Old Time Texas Country Living

This weekend we finally did our Christmas shopping!  And, believe it or not, it wasn’t nearly as stressful as you might think, considering after all that we were shopping on the 22nd of December.  You see, rather than hitting the ginormous malls and department stores in the city, since a couple of years ago, we now always opt to drive out to the outskirts of Houston to do our shopping.

We like rural areas especially because they are less populated and offer almost all of the same big box stores, with fewer shoppers.  Not to mention their deals are always better.

That’s what we did this weekend.  Although not before taking a rather unexpected detour into Booth, Texas.  We were just driving down the road when we noticed the Old Trading Post.  It looked like something out of an old classic movie, and there was a certain charm to the sky that particular day so we decided to stop in.

We hesitated at the door for a bit before we finally decided to walk in and grab a barbecue bite to eat.  It’s always a little nerve-wrecking to walk in somewhere unexpected and new.  Once we chowed down though, it was well worth it!  The brisket was smoked just right, and the homemade potato fries and onion rings were delicious.  We also got a kick out of the art work on the wall.

It really was the little taste of peace and quiet we needed before heading in to accomplish all of our Christmas shopping in one day!

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