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Mexican Pulga Treats

Mexican Pulga Treats
Yesterday we talked about the cool things you can find at the pulga.  Like nicknacks, paddy whacks, and all kinds of other stuff.  Okay, so I’m exaggerating a bit, jaja!  But the one thing we didn’t talk about, and the one thing you can’t talk about the flea market without talking about, was all the delicious food you can find!

If you’ve been, you know what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t, pues, just trust me!

Half of the reason for going to the pulga are the antojitos!  Think of them as delicious, affordable and authentic Mexican snacks IRL, jaja!  I just wanted to use that acronym.

So yeah, here are just a few that we pigged out on:

We didn’t actually eat this, but we have. It’s a torta ahogada. It’s delicious!
Chicharrones. Chicharrones with crema, cheese, veggies, and more. Plus Valentina, of course!
We didn’t buy the chorizo either, but it did bring back a lot of memories to see the chorizo sold like this… like in Mexico.
Dulces mexicanos. You can’t go wrong with Mexican candy. You just can’t.

And the churro. We walked halfway back through the pulga just to get Edgar a churro, porque se le antojo.

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