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Day of the Dead Face Painting

There is something about the bright and bold colors for Día de los Muertos that always gets to me this time of year.  Usually, I spend a good chunk of my time visiting and admiring local Day of the Dead installations or altar presentations.  The celebration of life, even after death, is a part of my culture of which I am very proud.

I mean what better way to honor our deceased than by celebrating them in the loudest colors of the color wheel!  I’m a fan, as you can tell.

Every year, I also like to paint my face (and everyone else’s who will let me) in the typical Día de los Muertos “calaveritas” style.  It’s so much fun that this year I went ahead and made this video on how to paint your face like a sugar skull too.  Enjoy!

I’m participating in a Día de los Muertos Blog Hop with Houston Latinas. Check out the other bloggers participating in the blog hop below:

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