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New York: Day One

So I’m in New York for work this week.  Bueno  por lo menos until Saturday.  And while there are a lot of things to do at the conference I’m attending, I’ve also promised myself I’m going to try and do a little sightseeing while here.  This is only my second time in the Big Apple after all!

I’ll make these posts short and sweet, and mostly about the pictures.  But let me just say, I walked and walked, and walked some more until my piesitos just couldn’t walk anymore today.  Then I came back to the hotel and started working on uploading these pictures for you.  Let me know if there’s something you’ve always wanted to see in NYC.

I’ll try and see if it’s nearby.

From Texas to New York City
I went to Central Park first because it was the most obvious landmark. 
Last time we were here we did not see this part of the park.  I was not about to try and walk the entire ginormous park. 
One of the things I like the most are the views of the skyline from the park. The rats in the bushes and on the sidewalks I can do without. 
What cool public art!
I spotted the Lego store and had to at least go look.
I’ve never been too big on the Lego toys, but the fact that you can make something this cool with Legos is very impressive.
And wow, look at this. Que chingones!
At another store nearby, I found this. 
And this… chicken purse 🙂 
I almost bought this for Anjelica, but then I came to my senses. 
I might still go get this wooden chalkboard phone for Edgar. 
Of course, I had to make my way to Times Square. 
These guys were nice enough to take a picture con este mexicano. 
Standing in the middle of Times Square is just really enjoyable to me. 
I took a bunch of pictures, but these were the best ones from my phone. 
On my way back top the hotel I found this storefront.  It reminded me of the New York from the movies so I went inside. 
I may go back there tomorrow to try the buffet style food inside. 
And the I passed up NBC studios. I wonder if they actually film SNL here?? 
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