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Hispanic Heritage y Flores de Papel Crepe

Hispanic Heritage y Flores de Papel Crepe by Crafty Thrifter


Hispanic Heritage y Flores de Papel Crepe by Crafty Thrifter

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month!  Well, sort of.  Actually, it’s already almost halfway over.  Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated annually here in the United States from September 15th through October 15th.  As a Mexican American Texan, or in español, mexico americana tejana, I couldn’t let this month go by without a little celebration of my own.  I think Hispanic Heritage Month is important because it wasn’t too long ago that this type of observation was not something that was very widely accepted.  In fact, some might say, it was merely a holiday that was forcefully tolerated by most.

Today, though, I’d like to think those days are long behind us.  From a one week event, this commemoration of all things Latino has grown into a month-long celebration of our culture and diversity in this country.  We do have quite a rich history here after all!

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In my case, I think bicultural identity is very interchangeable… depending on who is playing fútbol (soccer) or any other game in the Olympics.  That’s who I’m rooting for!  I kid.  I kid.  In all honesty, I usually root for the underdog, no matter who they are.

The truth is I feel the closest to my own heritage on September 16th, on Mexican Independence Day, rather than during Hispanic Heritage Month.  During that day, my own Mexican culture seems to be so much more present, vibrant and visual.  Still, I think culture and identity should be celebrated all year round, not only on a specific day or month.  There is no beginning or ending to who we are.

As any good mexicana, I love my pan dulce, pozole, tamales, tacos and all that other great stuff.  I just don’t eat eat it as much because, well, you know, all that sugar and those calories aren’t good for anyone.  I have my favorite telenovela.  My mother and siblings are a huge part of my life no matter how much I try to deny it.  I talk a very awkward Spanish that only a few who grew up like me (born here to Mexican parents) understand completely.  When talking to my family in Mexico, I try extra hard and unsuccessfully to polish up my Spanish.  They’re nice enough to try and understand me in spite of my broken español.  

In terms of geneology, I am aware of who I am and where I come from.

That’s also why today I want to share my personal contribution to the celebration of this Hispanic Heritage Month.  I had a lot of fun putting this project together.  I hope you really enjoy it!

I made the flower backdrop using the same technique my grandmother showed me a couple of years ago.  She learned it from the older ladies in her pueblo when she was a young girl.  They would make the flowers to sell them in the capital of San Luis Potisi, Mexico.  We sat down in the open air outside in my mother’s jardin to practice the technique, just talking and making a lot of papel crepe flowers together.

The skirt and shirt are from a local thrift store.  Yes, you read right.  From a thrift store!  This outfit is one of my proudest finds to date.  It was so precious I had to own it.

I still have to confirm this, but the thrift store rep and I both believe this is an authentic vintage piece.

The beautiful models are my nieces.

I guess you can say I like celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month doing what makes me happy.  Crafting and thrifting!  How do you celebrate your own heritage?

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