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Could Eugenio Derbez replace Don Francisco?

Could Eugenio Derbez replace Don Francisco?

This weekend Anjelica asked me that question.  We were watching Don Francisco’s Sábado Gigante (of our own free will this time, believe it or not).  Usually the only time we catch snippets of the more than 50 year old show – the longest-running variety television show in the world, thank you very much – is when we’re either at my parents’ home or hers.  It’s not that we don’t like Don Francisco and/or all of the cast of characters who accompany him on the show.  From the lovable La Cuatro, to the Chacal, Javier, and all of the models and kids, it’s like they are all a part of our cultural familia.

We know who they are.  They’ve always been a part of our lives.  Only now, they’re like our older aunts and uncles, who we respect and honor, but who we wouldn’t necessarily hold a serious discussion with about social media, pop culture or even Miley Cyrus’ less than enviable twerking skills.  Don Francisco especially.

I thought about it for a second and then I said: “Nah… he’s Hollywood now!”

Hollywood, because Eugenio Derbez was co-hosting Sábado Gigante to promote his first feature film as a director, Instructions Not Included (which coincidentally opens this Friday in theaters nationwide).  It also struck me after I said that que Eugenio Derbez is one of the few Latin American artists who have managed to find “cross-cultural” success in Hollywood.  He went from starring in Mexican comedy shows like La Familia Peluche, to small roles in big Hollywood productions, and now his own feature film, all the while maintaining his established English- and Spanish-speaking fan bases… and gaining more loyal followers along the way.

He’s one of those entertainers that both my parents and I can relate to, and who my nephews, nieces and Edgar can find amusing and relevant.  I started to rethink my answer.  Maybe there is more to this move by Univision?

Would it be fair to say Derbez is a Millennial entertainer?

I wouldn’t mind watching him on Sábado Gigante actually.  And I do believe I would be watching more often.

You’re move now Univision!

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