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Good for Salma Hayek! Kudos to her for Standing Up to MTV

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I’m kind of proud of our mexicana Salma Hayek today for refusing to pre-record a video acceptance speech for April’s MTV Movie Awards. She was nominated for the category of Best Latin Actor for her role in Savages, but refused to record an acceptance speech just in case she would have won when she found out the category of Best Latin Actor wouldn’t be televised at all.

Instead it would be live during commercial breaks and announced during the show as another award that was given out during the night.

This was her explanation to InStyle Magazine of her decision:

“When they told me I (might win), I was asked to tape a message saying thank you. But the thing is, this particular award isn’t televised. Now, believe me, I am so grateful they acknowledge all of our great Latin performers, but I refused to tape the acknowledgement. If we Latins are not worth their time on television, why should they be worth mine? I think we deserve better than that, so I told them I wouldn’t participate.”

¡Así se habla! Good for you Salma for standing up for all Latinos! We do deserve better.

In the end Javier Bardem won the category, but he was not in attendance at the awards show.

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