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Pau, Pau, Pau-Latina Paulina is Coming to the X-Factor

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So either there’s more to this recent influx of Latina judges on mainstream television shows or Simon Cowell is just plain losing his touch.  Why else would the “larger than life” and smaller than his ego celebrity producer of X-Factor select Mexico’s very own Chica Dorada to replace pop princess Britney Spears as one of his music reality show’s newest judges?

It wasn’t too long ago that Cowell was cracking jokes about American Idol‘s first Latina judge, Ms. Jennifer Lopez herself.  ¿Qué paso Simon?  How did your own words taste going down your throat?

Coincidentally Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera were the first to make the rounds as musical judges on American Idol and The Voice respectively.  Shakira has since stepped in to replace Christina on The Voice.  La Pau for her part has had her fair share of judging talent in recent years también.  She was on La Voz México with Jenni Rivera before her passing.  Most recently she’s joined the all star cast of La Voz Kids on Telemundo.

Maybe on X-Factor she’ll finally make that crossover we’ve all been waiting for.

As for the television producers of all of these shows, keep pushing the envelope.  There’s plenty more Latina and Latino talent out there for your television shows!


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