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Happy Cinco de Mayo… NOT Mexican Independence Day

So y’all know today is NOT Mexican Independence Day verdad?  Just want to make that absolutely clear as it always seems we do a lot more celebrating for Cinco de Mayo than we do for el actual Día de Independiencia on September 16th.  September also happens to mark the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month en estados unidos every year.  Pero bueno, I won’t be a joy-kill… Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!!

Rather than go into a lecture about how Cinco de Mayo is not even celebrated in Mexico – it isn’t by the way, for the most part, except for Puebla where the Battle of Puebla actually took place on May 5, 1862 – I’ll instead share a couple of the things that make me proud to be Mexican 365 days out of the year!

The Battle of Puebla, just in case your wondering, was an unlikely victory for the Mexican army against French forces.  Now the occasion is celebrated in the US as a Mexican heritage day of sorts.  We’ll take it!  We don’t get very many of those de este lado.

cinco de mayo not mexican independence day juanofwords

Beautiful colors & artistry.

Pan dulce.


The fashion!


Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

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