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Welcome To The ‘Wheel Of Levy’ …Yes As In William Levy!

So I wasn’t going to post any of these pics, but then I thought “hey wait a minute… why not give the people what they want and score some page views in the process?”  LOL!  Sad, I know… but hey a blogger has got to do what a blogger has got to do.  We’re all happy that’s all that matters.

Apparently el cubano William Levy is the new face of Pepsi NEXT (nada tontos los de Pepsi eh…) and to kick off this new partnership the cola brand is introducing us to the Wheel of Levy!  Hence all the half naked pictures of Mr. Levy below.  Your welcome by the way.

wheel of levy pepsi next juanofwords

You can learn all about the Wheel of Levy, drool over more pictures and even watch videos of this new partnership at wheeloflevy.com.

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