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12 Gift Wrapping Days of Christmas: Day 3 – Ribbon and Sass!

Mexi-Style with Anjelica (@la_anjel now also on craftythrifter)
Because there’s always that one person on your shopping list who is anything but subtle.  They like big beautiful things and they’re not afraid to own up to it.  That’s probably me on everyone else’s shopping list come to think of it… But for this third installment of the 12 Gift Wrapping Days of Christmas, I’ve decided bold and colorful is perfect for adding a little sass to any holiday gift.  I hope you like the idea!

12 days of christmas traditional gift wrapping with nontraditional materials la_anjel craftythrifter juanofwords
I’m using ribbon to make my bow larger than life!
The materials you’ll need are all in this picture.  Using nontraditional wrapping paper to create very traditional holiday looks is so much fun!
Pick your colors, secure them together on one end, and let’s get ready to braid one very colorful bow.
You should have a good idea of what length of a braided ribbon you will need for your gift.  Although I will say in this case it is better to have more than what you might need.
Now add your personal accents and make this gift pop!

If you’ve got gift wrapping ideas of your own I’d love to see them!  Feel free to share your links here.

Please reuse, repurpose, thrift, consign and all that other good stuff.

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