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Foto Of The Day Challenge – #SeptemberFotoOfTheDay

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Some of your awesome entries so far!

If you liked August’s Foto Of The Day Challenge, you’re going to love September’s new list!  Fresh off the presses, this new list is brought to you by none other than the beautiful and very creative Anjelica, mi esposa for those of you that still don’t know.  She always has the most creative ideas, and this list, definitely will not disappoint.  So if you’re thinking about it, if you’ve been seeing us doing this and weren’t sure what we were doing, or you have been wanting to participate, but just haven’t – even if this is your first time seeing anything about this at all, JOIN US!  All you have to do is post your daily Foto based on the designated daily category below and tag it with this hashtag: #SeptemberFotoOfTheDay.  

We’ll be pulling all your entries and publishing them here on Juan of Words!

On your marks!  Get set! Ready! And… vamonos!  

Can you meet the challenge?
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