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10 Words We Say In Spanish That Aren’t Really Spanish

By definition, they would be better classified under the category of anglicisms.  Anglicismos.  In the world of Spanish journalism, probably the worst mistake any young pocho reporter could make.  I should know.  It was me who was constantly getting corrected for using anglicismos when I was writing in Spanish… all those years ago now.  Yet, I had all but pretty much forgotten about all of those horribly bad memories – kidding – until one of my old friends, coincidentally one of my journalist buddies from those days, made the suggestion that I write about anglicisms too.

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I’m not sure how often I’ll write about anglicismos.  I guess that ultimately depends on how much you all might like the idea, or not.  If you do, and you have words of your own that you’d like to add to this list, or see in another post, let me know, and we might play this game again.  It could be a good compliment to our regular Mexi-Vocabulario?

These are the Top 10 Anglicisms that I use:

10. Troca – Truck.  In reality one should say camioneta, but I grew up in Texas and a lot of people here, well, we just say troca.

9. Yarda – Yard.  As in your lawn.  The correct word in Spanish is patio.  Although I’ve never been comfortable with saying voy a cortar el patio.  It just sounds funny to me.

8. Parqueadero – Parking lot.  At one point, I had actually made the transition from parqueadero to estacionamiento, but then I thought, why am I correcting my parents’ on their Spanish… and I stopped.

7. Estop sign – Stop sign.  I don’t really use it all that often.  Only when giving directions in Spanish.  Though the correct word in Spanish is alto.

6. La movie – Movie.  It should be pelicula or even cinta, but movie is just as acceptable these days también.

5. Mapear – To mop.  This is another one of those words that we just grew up with.  Even though I know it might be better to say limpiar I can’t really avoid saying mapear.

4. Textear – To text.  How else would you say that?  Seriously, I’m kind of stumped on this one.  Other than to say te mando un texto. 

3. Chance – Not as it is pronounced in English, although it means the same exact thing.  This word I pronounce more like cha-n-se.  I guess the right word instead would be oportunidad.

2. Sorri – An apology.  I’m sorry.  To apologize.  This one I just like because Niurka made it popular with her I’m sorri for you.  Instead, use disculpa.

1. Chequear – To check.  I’m always telling someone to checar, chequealo, chequear something.  Guilty as charged!  The correct terminology might include verificalo or compruebalo instead.

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