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Raising a Bilingual Kid: 7 Essential Lessons For Any Parent

Raising a Bilingual Kid  7 Essential Lessons For Any Parent juanofwords

It’s probably human nature that anytime we’re not too sure about our own parenting, we tend to think back on our own childhoods.  How did my parents react to that?  What would they have done?  How would they have handled it?  For me, it’s a pretty regular occurrence.  Even cuando no me doy cuenta, the easiest thing to do is to reflect back on some of the essential life lessons my parents have taught us over the years.  I think they’re pretty universal, y por eso I have put them together into these
7 Essential Lessons For Any Parent:

1. Habla Con La Verdad.  Be honest.  Don’t lie.  To others.  And especially not to yourselves.  There’s nothing worse than lying to ourselves.

2. No Seas Maleducado.  Don’t be a smart ass.  A smart mouth.  A sinverguenza.  Be respectful.  Mind your manners.  And show you have some home training.

3. Sé Acomedido.  Be courteous.  Thoughtful.  Offer to help without being asked.  Help that little old lady cross the street.  Remember the Golden Rule!

4. Portate Bien.  Behave.  Act right.  Don’t be mischievous.  This one is especially applicable as we get older and it gets easier and more tempting to be a little bad.

5. No Le Nieges Un Taco A Nadie.  Don’t deny anyone a taco.  Okay, well maybe not literally.  It’s not like we want our kids going out there picking up complete strangers.  Instead, that whenever you’re able to do a good deed for someone else you should… without expecting anything in return.  So long as your not putting your own safety and well being at stake.

6. Respetate A Ti Mismo.  Respect yourself.  If you can’t respect yourself how is anyone else supposed to do it?  Know what you’re worth and don’t be afraid to remind yourself about it.  As many times as you need to!

7. Piensa Las Cosas.  The extension would be las cosas se hacen con calma.  Think about it.  Be patient.  Don’t rush into any decisions.  Take your time and give yourself plenty of time to consider all of your options.   

If you’ve got more lessons to add from your own jefitos, I’d love to read them!

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