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Embrace Today: Tomorrow is Not Always Guaranteed

Embrace Today Tomorrow is Not Always Guaranteed
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Every day is an opportunity.  Though sometimes we don’t realize it.  We don’t realize how fragile life truly is, and how sometimes the little things we’re worrying about aren’t really all that important.  Foresight is never as insightful and cathartic as hindsight – when we can stop and look at things already passed and honestly analyze them from another perspective.  We forget that we’re not always going to have that opportunity.

That some day it is going to be too late.  That the things we’ve been wanting to say, that we’ve been meaning to do for someone we love, just won’t be possible anymore.  Days like today make us realize just how out of control life can be, and how little control we really do have over our own destinies.  Though life is always susceptible to change.  Not only on days like today.

Every day is an opportunity to tell somebody we love them.  To show them how much we love them.  To say the things we’ve been meaning to say.  To give and get the embraces we’ve been longing for.  To hear that voice over the phone.  To make our children feel special.  To teach them love and compassion.  Above hatred and violence.  To be the person we tell ourselves we one day want to be.

Today is our opportunity.

Embrace it.  Appreciate it.  Make it count!

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