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¡Ay Carajo! Everyone’s Got Jokes About Mexico’s New First Lady

I almost feel sorry for La Gaviota.  Almost, I said!  La mera verdad, as a telenovela actress she has always been one of my favorites.  Not only was she believable in all of her roles, but she has always been quite the belleza también.  Still, to go from being one of Mexico’s celebrity sweethearts to the actual First Lady of the country… well, pues I don’t know.  I kind of understand why some mexicanos are rolling their eyes and publishing some of these pretty hilarious images.  Right or wrong, I’ve put together a couple of the most entertaining for your observation.

Angelica Rivera La Gaviota Primera Dama
This is apparently a recent article with Angelica Rivera since she became First Lady.
I guess that’s one way of looking at it. Who’s the “hottest” first lady of them all?
Translation: “Be Honest. Who would you rather wake up to as First Lady?”
This one’s too long to translate, but it’s one of those typical memes about how we view ourselves and how others view us.
And of course, all of her old magazine covers are being looked at under a new light.
Translation: “Please remove all of these pictures of the First Lady from your shops please.”
Same message as above, both from the PRI, of course.
And finally this one. Hands down my favorite. The translation is: Obama – “My first lady studied at Harvard, how about yours?” Peña Nieto – “Uhm, did you ever watch the telenovela ‘Destilando Amor’?”

Now I know some of these are pretty bad, but they are all kind of funny… and after all, isn’t that one of the biggest truths about us mexicanos?  We’d almost always rather laugh at ourselves than cry!  ¡Ay Carajo!

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