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10 Celebs Whose Accents We Can’t Get Enough Of!

Once upon a time, accents weren’t cool.  I know, can you believe that?!  Nowadays, it seems some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry belong to Latino stars with varying degrees of thick to thicker accents.   Some would argue the accent is sexy.  That it gives these Latino stars an extra allure.  But sometimes, as in the case of Sofia Vergara, an accent can just be down right hilarious.  And why not admit it, at times, some of these accents can also be pretty hard to understand.  I can remember several episodes of Dancing With The Stars where I didn’t have a clue what William Levy was trying to say.  Pero, whatever the case, what’s true about these 10 Latino Celebrities is that they wear their acentos with lots of orgullo and that’s what makes them so cool!  These are 10 Celebs whose accents we can’t get enough of:

10 Celebrities whose accents we can't get enough of juanofwords
Salma Hayek: The original accent!  Well, I can’t say that’s true… but Salma was definitely a pioneer in making accents mainstream.  Her movie, Fools Rush In is a classic!
Javier Bardem: I know enough about you ladies to know most of you LOVE Javier Bardem for his accent, among other attributes that I won’t go into here, LOL!
Sofia Vergara: Sofia has turned into the poster girl for Latinos with accents.  She owns it like nobody else and really is as cool as a Latina with an accent can be!
William Levy: He’s the up and coming heartthrob, pero como que there’s going to be William Levy in Hollywood pa’rato!
Penelope Cruz: Personally, I find Penelope’s accent very sexy.  She’s beautiful and a very good actress, which always makes her accent more interesting.
Demián Bichir: Honestly, Demián’s accent is not very pronounced, but his stellar performance in A Better Life has made him quite the star to watch.
Kate Del Castillo: Whether in English or Spanish, Kate’s fans just can’t get enough of her.  There’s a frenzy of protest going on right now to anyone else other than the Mexican actress playing Teresa Mendoza in the sequel to La Reina Del Sur. 
Enrique Iglesias: Kind of a classic, Enrique has been around forever, and he’s been driving his fans crazy for decades with that Spanish accent of his.
Shakira: La colombiana más famosa of the music industry has progressively minimized her accent over the years, but still proudly represents Latinos around the globe.

Guillermo: And finally, Guillermo… from Jimmy Kimmel Live, in case you’re wondering.  The security guard turned on air personality is hilarious as Kimmel’s nightly side kick, and proudly showcases his Latino roots on the nightly show.

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