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Who Knew Justin Bieber Was So Huge In Mexico?

So apparently the Biebs’ is huge in Mexico!  Some 215,000 fans reportedly turned out for his free concert in Mexico City last night.  Hundreds had been there for as many as two days awaiting his arrival at the Zocalo, and when he finally belted out his first song – none other than Baby of course – it was clear that “El Justin” had arrived.  Mexican news outlets reported that some fans required medical attention before it was all over.  The thing is, in order to keep their spots, as close as possible to the stage, some fans had not eaten or drunk anything in several hours.  Now that’s what you call dedication!

No wonder Justin tweeted “MEXICO I LOVE YOU.  Te AMO MUCHO!!”

Justin Bieber in Mexico
El Bieberon en México.
Some fans waited two days to see the Biebs!
It was enough to make some of his fans a little crazy.
Over 215,000 screaming fans at the Zocalo!

No pues nada… ¡tuvo buena la fiesta!

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