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New Photo a Day Challenge for Latinos: #JulyFotoOfTheDay

So I think I learned some lessons with the first Foto Of The Day Challenge, this month.  For one thing, my daily photo challenge ideas could have been a little bit better.  The other main thing, was that I should have given you all more time to decide whether you wanted to participate or not.  Entonces, with that in mind, I give you the new and improved list of photo themes for the month of July.  If you’ve participated this whole month, thank you, and I’ll hope you’ll keep participating in July too!  It really has been pretty awesome seeing all of your pictures.  If you have not participated yet, now is your chance to join in!

The same basic guidelines apply.  We’ll be using the hashtag #JulyFotoOfTheDay for this challenge, and I humildemente invite you to do the same, if you are so inclined.  Post wherever you want, whatever social media platforms you like, and invite as many people as you want to do the same.  Just please add the hashtag #JulyFotoOfTheDay when you post porfis!  The point, after all, is to just have fun with this challenge together!

julyfotooftheday juanofwords

  1. Sky
  2. Mine
  3. Brightness
  4. Red, White & Blue
  5. After the party
  6. Fabuloso
  7. En mi plato
  8. ¡Cárajo!
  9. When nobody is watching
  10. Celos
  11. Strength
  12. Beauty
  13. Brilliance
  14. ¡Chafa!
  15. Splash
  16. In Espanish
  17. ¡Ay Dólores!
  18. Art
  19. Abajo de
  20. Chamba
  21. Sweet
  22. ¿A poco?
  23. ¡Rayos!
  24. Rhythm is gonna get you…
  25. Gracias! Gracias!
  26. Opposites
  27. Perfect pair
  28. ¡Dale!
  29. ¡Taconmadre!
  30. My life in color
  31. ¡Vamos!
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