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For Father’s Day, Treat Him Like Your Papacito!

For some reason, it always seems papá never gets as much attention for Father’s Day as mommies everywhere get for Mother’s Day every year.  You know it’s true.  If you don’t believe me ask your dad, your husband, or any of the other fathers in your life.  They’ll tell you the truth!  For some reason, people always seem to think us dads aren’t big fans of the borlotefor our big day.  And while that might be true for most of us – I know it is for me – it doesn’t mean we want to be ignored for Father’s Day.

Make him feel extra special this Papacito's Day.

More likely than not, it probably means we want you to pay special attention to us on our big day.  To pamper us a little.  Come on!  You know we’re just big kids at heart.

If you will, we want to be treated like papacitos for a day!  Like your papacito for a day.  You know, like when we first started dating, before the kids and the bills, and all of the other responsibilities that make us get older and fatter everyday.  We want to be treated like that flaco you first met.  That guapo you were so proud of to show off to your friends.  That papito you just couldn’t get enough of once upon a time.  Nowadays we’re all so tired and desganados we’re lucky if we rub up against each other every once in a while.

Okay, so maybe I’m being a little over dramatic… but you know in one way or another, in whatever varying degree you want to fess up to it in your own relationships (it’s okay nobody else has to know), things just aren’t the same as they used to be.  As they say, we’re all many years older and none the wiser.

Yet rather than lamenting about what was and what is now, for Father’s Day how about you just make him feel like your papacito.  I’m telling you… you won’t be sorry.  He’ll definitely be bien agradecido.  And who knows, you might even get lucky!

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