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Smirnoff Preparadas: Anything But Your Average Cocktail

We first heard about these a couple of weeks ago.  From the beginning, my curiosity was piqued – a mix between a raspa and a cocktail?!  Huh, we had to find these and try them for ourselves as soon as possible.  Last night, we finally did and I have to say I’ve never been more sure that everything IS literally bigger in Texas, jaja!!  It’s also pretty cool that the El Oasis drive-thru beverage stop – yes, I said drive-thru – is so close to our house!  About 10 minutes away.

Now from what I was able to dig up online, it seems like this drive-thru mixed cocktail (preparadas) business model is a new concept here in Texas.  A news report from 2009, highlights the unique Mexican concoction in an article titled Drive-thru stores now serve cocktails to goIn truth, I don’t know how many of you might have these in your towns as well, but the lady working at El Oasis told us Smirnoff is the one who sends them the recipes for each of the preparadas they serve.  I thought that was kind of cool.  You can get them in pretty much any flavor Smirnoff offers, accompanied by the same fruit in a cup.   Here’s our little adventure:

Mexican preparadas with Smirnoff how to
Wait, it's a drive-thru!? That was my first reaction. Luego, luego, I jumped out of the car and starting snapping pictures. I think Anjelica was a little embarrassed at first.
She quickly warmed up to the idea and started taking pictures herself. The lady behind the counter was pretty friendly and put up with all of our questions. The decoration was awesome.
I tried my best to keep up, but our bartender - I guess you could say - was moving so fast. Here she had already added chopped up pineapple for me and strawberry for Anjelica in two separate cups, each with ice and a couple of cherries in them. She's sprinkling chili powder on the fruit.
Here, she had already added chamoy sauce - always makes everything taste so much better - and she was cutting up the lemons for a final touch.
Add lemon liberally to your preparada. As much as you like, or in this case, as much as your bartender will serve you, jaja! They also had things like micheladas on the menu, which some mexicanos might tell you are more macho drinks!!
This is the final product at the drive-thru. The lady at El Oasis did not mix the alcohol for us, instead she handed us a strawberry Smirnoff and a pineapple one as well for us to mix at our discretion. I didn't ask her if that was a regulation or not?
Now all we had to do was mix in our drinks and enjoy!
Here's the finished product. I liked the pineapple flavor in mine, but after tasting Anjelica's strawberry preparada I decided that's what I should get next time. For me, the pineapple flavor was too much all at once.

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