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I’m Going to Miami! For the Billboard Latin Music Awards!!

Exactly one year ago I was complaining.  “I want to go to the Billboard Latin Music Awards!  Why didn’t I get invited?!”  Some of my favorite bloggers had received their invitations and were happily getting ready to make the trip to sunny Miami.  I was happy for them of course, pero para ser bien sincero, I was a little jealous también!  I sat back in awe and admiration as they posted their updates on social networking sites… a few of them even sending me personal messages with pictures of my favorite stars.  It was very sweet en verdad.

2012 Billboard Latin Music Awards
Miami Beach!

So, this year, when I got the invitation from Telemundo to attend the 2012 Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami, next week, I couldn’t believe it!  Desde luego I said YES! and then started doing fist pumps in the air.  Ya sé… I’m a dork!

Red Carpet photo by joey Montana

Can you believe it?!  I’m going to be there at the awards in beautiful Miami Beach with all of the nominees!  And guess what else?!  Both Jenny’s are nominated this year!  JLO and Jenni Rivera!  You’ll know if Jennifer Lopez shows up to the show on Thursday, April 26, 2012, when you see a big Mexican guy faint and tumble over onto the red carpet, LOL!  Okay, this is definitely better than living vicariously through my friends!

Let me know if there’s a nominee you want me to keep an eye out for.

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