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Mexi-Vocabulario: ¡Chusma!

chusma definicion el chavo del ocho
Definer of the word "Chusma," Doña Florinda

Doña Florinda:  “¡Vente Quico!  ¡No te juntes con esta chusma! 

Quico:  “¡Chusma!  ¡Chusma!”

Don Ramón:  Spinning in anger!

Chusma, as in “muchedumbre de gente vulgar” (crowd of vulgar people), as defined by the Real Academia Española… is probably best interpreted for meaning by one of the countless encounters between Don Ramón and Doña Florinda on El Chavo del Ocho, where Quico, of course, was always the culprit behind their ongoing bickering.  In fact, chusma is one of those words that can easily be understood even if you don’t speak a lick of Spanish.

Just the way she says it in that video and then storms off makes it clear that she is pretty disgusted with Don Ramón and probably just insulted him.  This theory is further solidified by Quico’s repetition of the word and his mocking of poor old Don Ramón who can’t do anything else but burn on the inside with anger and frustration!  I always loved these episodes of El Chavo!  Even though I could sympathize with Don Ramón’s aggravation I always found it hilarious that Doña Florinda wouldn’t let him get a word in edgewise.

It felt real familiar for some reason??  ¿Quién sabe porqué?

Anjelica and I always like to joke that we’re the chusma because of our big mouths and metiche personalities, LOL!  We’re probably not the only ones who think so… but then again we are who we are.  Growing up, anytime que nos hacían un desaire we would always say ¡no, pues no nos quieren a la chusma!

¡Chusma!  ¡Chusma!  ¡Chusma! 

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