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Dulce Maria and La Doña Carmen Salinas in a Movie

alguien a visto a lupita movie
Have you seen Lupita? Starring Dulce Maria and Carmen Salinas

Here’s an unlikely pairing.  Dulce Maria of RBD fame and La Doña Carmen Salinas, famous for being well… La Doña Carmen Salinas, starring in a movie together.  It’s called ¿Alguien a visto a Lupita? and just as the name implies the subject matter of this film is a little confusing.  The film itself is directed by Gonzalo Justiniano and was recently screened in San Diego.  As far as the synopsis, this is what IMDb had to offer:

Lupita, (Dulce Maria) a young Mexican girl, runs away from her family who want to commit her into a hospital.  She will start a journey that will take us into a world that seems crazier than she is.  With her sensuality, innocence and romanticism, Lupita invites us to think that the world can be experienced in another way.

If you’re still confused maybe the trailer will help.

Yeah… it didn’t really help me any either.

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