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Mexi-Vocabulario: ¡Mitotero!

All up in the Kool–Aid without even knowing the flavor!

A ver, so… yo por andar de mitotero ¡mira nada más de lo que me enteré!

Mitotero, the only word in that sentence that stood out to me.  Mostly in telenovelas and variety shows is where I’ve heard it before since at our house metiche and chismoso were much more common.  And apparently there are a couple of different definitions of what exactly mitotero means.

El Urban Dictionary says –  being up, or getting mixed up, in business or information that has no relationship to you whatsoever.  Being up in the mix where you DON’T belong.  Prying into the affairs and business of others.

tuBabel says – chismoso, comunicativo.  

While La Real Academia Española offers the following definition – 1. adj. Am.  Que hace mitotes (‖ melindres).  2. adj. Am. Bullanguero, amigo de diversiones.  3. adj. Méx. Que hace mitotes (‖ pendencias).

Though the best explanation, I believe, is in a picture.  I hope mine in this post does a good enough job of illustrating the word mitotero. 

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