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¡Ajua! – 100 Year Old Keeps Young Playing Nintendo DS

Kathleen Connell 'Kit' of East Renfrewshire in Scotland

They say you’re only as young as you feel, and apparently 100 year old Kathleen Connell of East Renfrewshire in Scotland, better known in the gaming world as just ‘Kit’, doesn’t feel a day over 80!  According to her Brain Training Nintendo DS game, her level of skill is that of a 64 year old, something the ‘Nintendo Queen’, as she has been nicknamed now, spends time every evening trying to improve.

Kit, who just turned 100 last week, reportedly began playing video games at the age of 96 and credits consoles like the Nintendo DS with keeping her sharp and healthy.  According to various media reports, Kit’s collection of 10 DS games includes My Word Coach, Left Brain Right Brain 2, Easy Piano and Brain Training.  The 100 year old spends two hours playing her DS every evening before breaking for tea.

“The Nintendo has been a great help to me, it’s absolutely amazing. If there’s any secret to a long life it’s to think positive and keep your mind active,” she told the media.

Watch her talk about her own gaming experience in this video: 

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