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¡Pásame el Pan… Pan Bien Mexicano!

Got a sweet tooth?  Get ready to eat your heart out!  First things first, I am a sucker for pan dulce – just thought it would be appropriate to make that disclaimer.  My favorite is the one that’s just sweet enough.  Not too sweet.  Not too flavorless.  Unless it’s bolillo bread then all bets are off.  Bolillo bread is like an open canvas, ready to be transformed into whatever tasty goodness your pancita desires.  Think tortas de jamón, fajita, pollo, or just big chunks of this bread dunked into a hot cup of café con leche mmm, ya me dio hambre.  But I digress.

The other day we found this panadería called El Boillo Bakery about 20 minutes from our house.  We’d seen it before, but had never stopped.  This time, though, our appetite got the better of us.  It must have been cold or raining.  That is the perfect weather for Mexican sweet bread.  Either way, here’s what ja-pen!

El Bolillo Bakery

El Bolillo Bakery is pretty intimate.  I don’t know if it’s a major chain, but they do have a couple of different locations here in town.  They’re always busy, but never crowded… at least the few times we’ve been to this particular location it’s always been pretty painless.

That's how I like it! ¡Pan bien mexicano!

¡Miren nomás!  Just what the doctor ordered… or in this case, the Juan!

Y acá... so much goodness in there!

We haven’t tried those cakes yet, but don’t they look good?  ¡Qué bueno que ya vienen los cumpleaños de febrero!

Ya que estabamos ahí, ¿pos qué más?

So, of course, before you know it there I am greedily stocking my platter with as much bread as it can carry.  ¡No me disrtraigas, Anjelica!  I’m a little busy here!

Personal size tres leches cake.

Nom… personal-sized tres leches cakes!  Scratch waiting for the birthdays.

Tell me those cookies don't look good!

Cookies like these are too sweet for my taste, but perfect for the kids.  Girl Scout cookies, who needs them?  These are much cheaper too!

La Abuelita Chocolate Machine - Score!!!

Okei… a little confession here.  When I saw this Chocolate La Abuelita machine – yes, I said machine, like automated y toda la cosa – I literally gasped!

“Look!  It’s an Abuelita hot chocolate machine!!”

For Valentine's Day too, eh!

These heart cookies are a little early, but they did catch our eye.  ¡Qué romantic!

Gracias por su preferencia.

I can’t remember the last last time somebody thanked me for my preferencia.

Calling this one the Ballet Folklorico Mural.

Anjelica really liked all of the murals on the ceilings.  I hadn’t even noticed them.  Les digo, siempre ando bien distraido. 

Chocolate covered strawberries and wedding cake!

Finally, this one is just for your enjoyment.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll take pan dulce and La Abuelita hot chocolate over anything they sell at Starbucks any day!

This is not a sponsored post.  I did not receive any compensation for the content of this entry.  All of the opinions are my own.

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