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My Favorites So Far at the Detroit Auto Show!

Let me get right to the point.  There are literally hundreds of cars… beautiful cars!  And even more hundreds of people from across the world.  Todavía ni recorro la mitad de este auto show and already I am overwhelmed and tired.  Me hubiera traido un par de chanclas, jajaja… ¿se imaginan?  Anyway, here are my favorites so far!  Hope you all like the pictures.

It was a little crazy after the big Ford reveal this morning!
Everyone wanted an up close view of the new Ford Fusion.
Yo estaba en relax mode... divirtiendome con la locura.
Here's a closer look at the actual model. It is actually a very nice car!
Since I'm here, pense, might as well look at other cars too... eh? This one you might recognize from the commercials with one, JLO... La Lopez, lol!
Hmm, now if I were carrying JLO out of this car, what would be the best method?
I am in LOVE with this car! So beautiful!!
Though I could also learn to live with this one...
Y yo con la carcacha que tengo en casa. I think that Selena song could now officially be about me! Look at this beauty!
Edgar would have LOVED this one. The Hot Wheels Camaro in real life!
He would have also thoroughly enjoyed seeing the KIA hamsters in actual size.
I really got a kick out of this new prototype by Toyota. It takes Facebook status updates to a whole new level. You can change it's outer appearance based on your mood... much like a wallpaper. Wow!
Equally impressive, this prototype by Chevy. Think of it as a mix between a car and a moped that opens from the front. Max speed I think is between 25 and 35 mph.
If you're more into class and elegance, this Bentley Mulsanne might be more up your alley. Gorgeous, every single last detail of this car!
I'm just digging all of the muscle cars! ¿No me regalaran uno?
Totally unrelated... this local reporter was trying to say her lines while riding this simulator and it was hilarious to watch her mess up, over and over again!
And finally, this button that I made for Edgar at the Chevy button-making booth. Very cool! Gotta go make more!
Look over there, that's Canada on the other side!


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