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Besos de Queso: Chile Con Queso

Back in the day when my days were full of nothing but school, work, internships, workouts, and more, nothing would comfort me more than waking up on a Saturday morning and walking into the kitchen to hear my mom ask ¿qué quieres comer mijo?  Before I even opened my mouth she already knew what I was going to say.  Un chile con queso.  Immediately she’d start sautéing onions, pour in some cheese, add some chile and serve it with a side of fresh homemade flour tortillas.  Man!  My mouth waters just remembering those days.

Haciendola de Chef!

Yeah, I was somewhat of a momma’s boy… ¿y qué?  Shh… don’t say anything.   So tonight, in honor of all of the love mi jefita used to pack into that dish, I decided to give this recipe a try myself, for our home.

My version of Chile con Queso

I skipped the onions and added extra chile.  If I do say so myself, ¡me quedo requetebueno!  Not even Anjelica could resist my culinary skills!

Como buen mexicano, eating with my hands.

Like any good Mexicans, we dug in con manos and corn tortillas as soon as the food was done and wiped down every single last corner of our plates.

It was mmm-mmm good!

The dish itself was not hard to make at all, but the memories it brought back are definitely priceless.  I think I’ll be making Chile con Queso more often now!

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