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La Vida Es Un Carnaval: Let Somebody Know You Love Them

"Corazón Sagrado" by RAJANBAKYA

Sometimes there are no words that can be spoken, that should be spoken, or even that are necessary.  A deeper connection, innate in all of us, more animal instinct than anything else, I think, takes over and the only thing we are left to do is react to our own actions.

I’ve seen and experienced this heightened sense of human contact on a couple of occasions now and each time it’s left me speechless, in awe of what the mind and heart, el corazón especially, are capable of when uninhibited.  I’d dare say it’s a higher power acting within us, through us, where we are only the vessels to something much more grand taking place before our very eyes.

I’m not sure what got thinking about this now… maybe it is my recently-heightened sense of sensibility, or maybe I’m just thinking too long and too hard again.  I tend to do that a lot, as well as over-analyze situations and experiences to the point of even confusing myself beyond rationality at times, but that’s just the way I am.  I’ve always been that way, and sad as it to admit, I don’t really know how to be any other way.  Por alguna razon así me hicieron

If I’m completely honest though, it really was one of my sisters that got me thinking about this subject this time.  I’ve blogged about it before, our tendency to just automatically embrace each other whenever we see one another – my siblings, parents, and I (Raising a Bilingual Kid: ¡Saluda!) – but the older I get the fewer words are necessary between us it seems.  Sure they make our conversations more interesting, not to mention actual conversations, but more often than not just sitting in the same house together, laughing together, sharing those little nothings together are enough to reiterate just how much we mean to one another.  There’s a certain sense of peace and happiness, a lifting of the spirit, in that.  I don’t know how else to accurately explain it.

Y definitivamente sé que no somos los únicos.  So today les dedico este post a todos los que como yo comparten este sentimiento.

Life is too short.  Let somebody know you love them!

Further proof of our never being alone, and always a little pick me up for me personally, Celia Cruz’s ‘La Vida es un Carnaval’.  You can’t hear this song and not feel more positive.  Happy Monday!

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