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Favoritos P’al Verano

“Sigamos juegando”, decían Kiko y El Chavo anoche, después de que no pudimos hacer funcionar el Playstation para ver una película yo y Edgar, y optamos mejor por ver unos capítulos antiguos del ‘Chavo del Ocho’ a través del Internet.  Like usual, the entire cast of nutty characters, which so many of us have come to love, were having a good time from nothing more than driving each other crazy, and in this particular episode, with an imaginary toy truck made out of an old shoe box.

The innocence underneath all of the comedy, which literally had me and Edgar cracking up, brought back so many great memories, mainly of all the things I loved to do in the summers of my childhood, when me and my siblings would spend days literally lounging around the house not doing much of anything.  So for those of you lucky enough to be off this summer or at least taking a week or so off, here are a few of my favorite things about those summers.

Consider it a list of things you might want to experience yourself, if you haven’t already… and if you have, why not try them again?  Do it for me!

Bolis ice sticks… in every color and flavor

Bolis.  These ice cold treats are just too good… and affordable, to not enjoy a few this summer.  Even Wal-Mart sells them nowadays and you can get like 20 for less than five dollars.

Mexican corn on the cob

Elote.  Okay, after the Mexican corn on the cob recipe and picture I posted earlier, my mouth has been watering all day for one of these… but with extra chile, ya saben. Good thing there’s guys all over my neighborhood selling these right now.

La Huasteca, San Luis Potosi, Mexico – Photo by Don César

Agua.  You have to get in the water.  It’s just too hot not to!  And whether it’s at the beach, in a swimming pool, or even in one of those dirt cheap kiddy pools from your local retail chain, they really will make the heat less exhausting this summer.

Recyle and reuse

Shorts.  Buy them, or choose to make your own like my comadre y hermana Tracy did in this post.  We always turned old jeans that were flooding on us into shorts when we were kids.

Un barbecue de fajita, pollo y chorizo… pero aquí falto

Parrillada.  Even if it’s melting hot outside, you can’t not barbecue some fajitas outdoors this summer.  There’s just something about grilling your own meat outside that makes you feel extra in touch with nature… or is that just a guy thing?

Either way, it’s worth the experience.  Besides it’s as good excuse as any to throwback a couple of cheves.

Lots more in my head, but try these out y hay me avisan que les parecen!

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