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No Seas Malagradecido

Don’t Be Ungrateful

Gracias...de queso, y también de papa

Un malagradecido no reconoce lo que tiene1.  He takes everyone and everything for granted, like nothing else matters besides himself…or herself.  Numero Uno!  He doesn’t realize how fast time flies, how nada en esta vida es seguro2, how every second matters, because we never know if we’re getting another, how people and situations change… nothing ever stays the same, and how oh so very important the Thank yous and I love yous are. 

No, un malagradecido nunca reconoce esto3.

Being ungrateful was the worst thing we could ever be, and probably still is.  It garnered disappointment.  Made us feel ashamed, and more often than not inspired apologies, as well as all sorts of other attempts to rectify our behavior (handwritten notes, drawings, paintings, etc.)   And I guess the lesson is some lessons are just lifelong.  Last night I spent the better part of a couple of hours talking about the people who’ve helped me along the way in one way or another, professionally in this case, and it made me realize that maybe I have been a little malagradecido 4myself.

Do those people know how much their guidance and support actually meant to me?  How they opened doors and windows for me just by taking me under their wings?  How they inspired and motivated me in many cases?  I don’t know.

My mother would say: no mijo, eso no está bien…uno debe ser agradecido, humilde, no orgulloso y malagradecido5.  So as I retreat to my “corner of shame” to figure out how to rectify my bad behavior, probably spanning over years now – I have a feeling my drawings and hand paintings won’t do much for me here – let me just start by saying a very big Thank You to all the people who’ve ever believed in me…especially to those who did so when I didn’t even believe in myself.

If you’re feeling it, and not afraid of being a little cursi…aca los espero6.

Legend: 1An ungrateful person doesn’t appreciate what he has. 2Nothing in life is guaranteed. 3No, an ungrateful person doesn’t recognize this. 4Ungrateful 5No son, that’s not right…one should be grateful, humble,not proud and ungrateful.  6a little corny…I’ll wait for you here

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