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The Art Of ‘La Pisteada’

¡El Borrachote!

The formula is pretty simple.  You take one person, two, or as many as you want, add beer, or the alcoholic beverage of your choice, mix in some conversation, a little music of course, and voila: ¡estas pisteando!

Well actually a lot of the variables are extra.  The main ingredient is the drinking.

Even by the Urban Dictionary’s standards – since Merriam Webster does not include this social behavior in their library of terms – the definition of pistear is almost identical to what you just read here.  This is what they say: mexican slang/a verb/to hang out with yourself, another person, or as many people as you want and drink beer or any other alcoholic beverage. Pretty funny if you ask me.

Almost as comical as the sentence they use for an example:

Dude, we should go to SickBoy’s house and invite him to pistear some cawamas!!!

Who the hell is SickBoy!?  Anybody out there with that actual nickname…my apologies, but I have to say, I’ve never heard anybody say: yeah…you can call me SickBoy, that’s what everybody calls me. Not that there is anything wrong with that nickname…it’s perfectly fine, LOL, there are probably hundreds of guys out there who like to be called SickBoy instead of their real names!  Let’s hope not.

Anyway, the invitations I’m used to receiving go a little bit more like this:

¿Ey, on tan las cheves?

¿Qué, vamos por un doce?

Te ‘tamos esperando.  ¿Vas a venir o no?

And while it may all be in good fun – the drinking, the bullshit talking, the music, the company, even the nicknames – the main thing to remember is that ‘to pistear right’ can really be an art form.  No, not drinking as much as you can as fast as you can, but instead knowing exactly what your limitations are and trying to keep within them as much as possible.  Yes, we’ve all gotten wasted before – some of us more than others – and the truth is we all eventually learn that getting ‘shit-faced’ all of the time, or some of the time, is really just not worth it.  Nada más think about the crudota the next day!

So si vas a pistear, do it right.  And kiddos, wait until your old enough to drink!  

*Consider this my public service announcement for the week.

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