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Good Hit, On The Floor, L’Oreal, And Idol: The Return Of JLo?

Good Hit for JLo?

Of course, a definite disclosure is necessary here.  I am 100 percent biased on anything Jenny-from-the-block-related.  Biased in the sense, that as most of you already know, La Lopez has been a favorite of mine since she first burst onto the scene as the lead role in the movie ‘Selena.’  And of course my infatuation with her has only increased over the years.

That said, I will probably be watching ‘American Idol’ regularly for the first time ever this season, since it began 10 years ago, for no other reason than to watch JLo.  Gag! I know, a lot of you are probably having that very reaction right this second because as has been expressed to me so many times: she’s not that pretty, she’s a bad actress, she’s a bad singer, she doesn’t have a voice, she’s stupid, she’s JHo not JLo!, I don’t like her, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Well…for all of you out there, echoing these same remarks, let me just say EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT!!  There seems to be plenty of new material from La Lopez coming out in the near future.  And it also seems that: ¡Esta boricua va pa rato!

The New Show

New Tracks

Even A New Commercial

Could this be the official comeback of Jennifer Lopez?

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