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Porque lo prometido es deuda: Welcome to Casa Los Metiches!

Because I promised more videos, and because I am still learning my video editing system… pues, welcome to Casa Los Metiches!  We hope you’ll stay around for a spell and tell us what you’d like to see in our videos.

Oh yeah, and if you aren’t already subscribe to our YouTube channel!

¡No Pues Guau! Again With My Little Piece Of Mexico On YouTube

¿Quién lo iba pensar?  All of the sudden with the advent of social media and the internet my little piece of México – Cerritos, San Luis Potosi to be exact – is all over the net and I’m feeling more and more ganoso to reconnect with my roots… at least via the world wide web for now since it ain’t really all that safe to travel to Mexico right about now.  Ya les había dicho that El Sauz (the actually rancho in Cerritos that my family is from) has a Facebook page and YouTube channel, pero guau, someone is doing a kick ass job managing their social media platforms.

Check out all of the videos they shared recently on their page:

I didn’t even know the fashion in Cerritos was so trendy nowadays.  In my day (or maybe it was just us) people dressed for function rather than fashion.

Kind of a long promo if you ask me, but it’s still kind of cool to hear all about the local talent they are promoting.  And did you catch that last bit about the promise that there will be “high security” at the event?  Hey Diane Sawyer, that’s a Sign of the Times!

This is really cool.  Kudos to the owner of the video for sharing such an awesome part of our cultura and rancho.  ¡Muchas gracias! 

And finally enchiladas potosinas.  Need I say more?  I don’t think so.

A poco no se quedaron impresionados with my high tech rancho?

¡Clarinetes que somos chingones los de Cerritos! 

My Rancho Is On YouTube!

my rancho el sauz youtube juanofwords
Un toro ranchero en mi rancho!

Alright, no!  I’m not just trying to be mean.  My mouth literally dropped this morning when I saw this video pop up on my stream – El Sauz Cerritos SLP on YouTube.


When did the rancho get on YouTube?!

I mean, I knew they were on Facebook, and that, in it of itself, was kind of surprising to me when I first found out about it a couple of years ago… but then I thought, “come on, who’s not on Facebook?”  Well these days it seems like only pictures are showing up on my stream, but that could just be me.

Anyhow, YouTube!  Well!  That’s just a whole other animal!

That means someone in the rancho had to 1) record all of this great footage, 2) then find a computer fast enough to edit video, 3) find a spot in the rancho where the power wouldn’t go off long enough to edit this video, and 4) connect to the internet on a strong enough connection to upload a file the size of a four minute video.  Wow!  I did not know El Sauz could do that!

I’m kind of upset also that it wasn’t myself who made it happen!  The Sauz2010 YouTube channel even has more views than my own personal channel on YouTube!  DAYUM!  Who would have thunk?  Apparently not me.

Of course, then I had to be all Metiche and go look at their YouTube channel.  Turns out they’ve been posting video for quite a while now.  No, pues guau… now that’s what I call ¡Pipirisnais!

And they didn’t do a bad job at all of editing this video either.  Check it out!

Now I want to know which one of my relatives is running this channel!

My cousin is the one singing at second :24.

Meeting YouTube Celeb SecretLifeOfaBioNerd

It’s not like me to get star struck very often.  Save for the exception of La Lopez – yes Jenny from the Block – there really aren’t that many people who I’ve always wanted to meet.  In a way, having worked in the field of journalism and PR for so long has made me kind of indifferent to the idea of celebrity.  Still, this week, when local YouTube sensation SecretLifeOfaBioNerd confirmed her participation in a special blogger outreach I was putting together, I couldn’t help but get excited.  As the day of our face to face meeting drew closer my excitement was growing stronger and stronger!

“Nombre, I’m going to meet SecretLifeOfaBioNerd. Can you believe it?”  I told Anjelica.  She was profoundly jealous, but very happy for me at the same time.

Meeting YouTube sensation SecretLifeofaBioNerd!

Lo loco is that besides me and Anjelica and a couple dozens of thousands of others around the world who watch YouTube religiously, probably not that many people know who SecretLifeOfaBioNerd is.  In more than a couple of conversations throughout the week I had to explain what a “Celebrity YouTuber” actually does.

Who's that guy holding the camera?

In case you’re reading this and wondering too, a YouTube Celeb is someone who makes and upload videos on a regular basis, has legions of viewers and thousands of hits on every single one of their videos.  This young lady definitely fits the bill.  Anjelica first discovered her videos on YouTube a while ago.  Después she reeled me in (jajaja) by telling me she was a local YouTube Celeb.

Con la panzota por fuera and all (me... not her, LOL!)

After that we started watching some of her videos together.  Usually we’d be in bed.  Anjelica would start watching videos on her phone and next thing you know she’d invite me to watch one with her.  Not that it took too much convincing.  I’m so impressed by people who have become so “famous” on YouTube.  ¡Qué chingones! 

Anyway, SecretLifeOfaBioNerd showed up, we met, and it was awesome!  We were promoting a local fashion and style event and that being her forte on YouTube it was only natural to extend an invitation.

Ahora for the real chisme, jajaja!!  Nombre, there really isn’t any dirt.  SecretLifeOfaBioNerd was so sweet and humble in person that it was a little uncanny.  We spent a good couple hours shopping and then hung out over coffee and burgers.  ¡Mira, Mira, Bien Pipirisnais El Juan!  Very cool indeed!  And her new video, despite my shoddy camera work and obtrusive laughter, is really quite the masterpiece:

Gracias, SLOABN!!

YouTube Is Changing The Rules: I’m Trying To Make More Videos

Today’s post is real quick.  I’ve been wanting to do more video for some reason.  I just find it a very interesting form of communication, and since YouTube has been changing a lot of the rules, I figured this could be as good of a time as any to re-introduce my channel.  So… enjoy!  Let me know what you think too.

Jenni Rivera the Makeup Artist? Do you want her look?

So Jenni Rivera now has a makeup line!  La Diva de la Banda, who also stars in her own reality television show on Mun2, and who sells everything from real estate to tacos through her various entrepreneurial endeavors under her brand, Jenni Rivera… has now partnered with BHCosmetics as well to develop an “exclusive makeup palette just for BHCosmetics and Jenni Rivera fans.”

jenni rivera bhcosmetics makeup line
El look de La Diva de la Banda, do you dig it?

Here’s what else the makeup company says about the new collection: Inside this 36 Color Eyeshadow and Blush Palette, you will find an array of Jenni`s favorite eyeshadow shades that help create her fearless eyes. The thirty eyeshadow shades include shimmery jewel-tones for a fashion-forward statement, dark black and grays for a smoky eye effect, and pretty pastels and neutrals for an everyday look. The six blushes include warm pink shades in both matte and shimmer, and peach and gold shades that help create a natural glow, just like Jenni. These rich, high-pigmented colors help achieve the sultry and stunning look that defines Jenni Rivera. 

Of course, luego luego dije “I gotta share this with everyone!”

Who We Are TAG: Los Metiches Q & A Video

It was only a matter of time!  We’ve figured out how to TAG people on videos through YouTube as well now.  So, this week, for our “Los Metiches” episode we figured it would be fun to tell you more about ourselves.  Stuff like: Who are Los Metiches?  Where did they come from?  What are they doing?  You get the picture.

¡Los Metiches!

And here it is, our very first Official TAG Video about Who We Are!

We also thought it would be incredibly chingon to have you guys submit your own videos answering these same questions.  After all, the whole point of a TAG video is to do just that.  Plus we just really want to know who you are.  To get the ball rolling we’ve already tagged a few people ourselves.  Hopefully they’ll jump in and keep on tagging others.  If you’re so inclined, please make your own video and leave us the link here too.  We’d love to see it!

Oh yeah and before we forget, since we know you’re all busy, here’s a quick Cheat Sheet (with times) for all of the Questions on this Video:

1. 00:26 – What do you think is your best quality?

2. 01:24 – What is one thing that people don’t know about you?

3. 02:35 – What was your first job?

4. 04:37 – What do you consider is one of your worst habits?

5. 07:13 – What is one of your fears?

6. 08:33 – What is your favorite movie or book?

7. 09:42 – What is your strangest or most unusual talent?

8. 10:48 – What is one of the nicknames you’ve had, past or present?

9. 13:50 – What is the best decision that you have ever made?

10. 16:05 – What achievement are you most proud of?

11. 19:03 – SPECIAL TREAT for hanging in there with us!

Thank you for playing!!

¡Macho Sucker!

Hombre fuerte, sexo fuerte… hay que equivocado estas. ¿Por qué? Or maybe I should be asking why not? Why can’t we be the macho men and still have a sensitive side?

El Macho Logo by Damian Jones

If you know me personally you know that by all accounts I’m much more teddy bear than anything else.  Gente are forever telling me how cool and collected I always am under almost any situation.  And for the most part that’s true… but every once in a while lo malvado se me sale también.  So why is this of any importance?  Why write an entire post on my mood swings and temper tantrums?  In fact this post is about anything but mis arrancos.  I will tell you though, de herencia, my nerves are pretty bad and often get the better of me.

That’s entirely beside the point here, however.

Tonight, as Edgar and I were driving home from my parents’ house – about an hour away from our own home – as is our usual custom anytime we’re in the car, we were singing our hearts out to the songs on the radio in my beat up old pick up truck.  As soon as we heard Adele’s Someone Like You, we turned up the volume and began belting out every single word of this beautiful song.  Nos hubieran visto.  We really thought we were jamming!  And as we hit one of the highest notes in the song, and coincidentally, also one of the bumpiest parts of the freeway, it struck me that here we were, riding my Dodge Ram 1500, he with his new Mexican Energy Monster tee-shirt, me with my botas vaqueras and my tool box in the back seat, maneuvering our voices to match that of a British mega-songstress on the radio.  I started to chuckle and then decided to hit the record button on my phone instead.

In front of Anjelica, and a very few select others, we sing like this all of the time, but for the most part neither one of us would dare hit such high or low notes in front of many more people.  Well, maybe Edgar would.  I don’t sing in front of other adult men, besides my younger brother and that’s only because we used to do the same thing when we were in high school.  I don’t sing like that in front of my mother or father, my mother in law or any other of my in laws, my coworkers, distant relatives, or people I don’t know.  It’s just not something I do.  It’s embarrassing y para un macho no se ve bien.  Or so I’ve always been told.  That got me thinking about all of the other things that I do because I AM A MAN!

  • I wash the dishes, but I don’t like anyone to see me doing it, or for Anjelica to talk about it to anyone.
  • I can turn on my tough don’t-mess-with-me-if-you-know-what’s-good-for-you look in a second.
  • I can clean house, but again, I don’t want nobody talking about it.
  • I can use special creams and scrubs for my face, but would never admit to it in front of the guys.
  • I won’t readily admit that I don’t know, but I won’t stop Anjelica from telling me what she knows, especially when it comes to driving directions.
  • I’ve shed way more tears than I’d care to own up to.
  • And as you all know a lot of my evenings are spent in front of the television set watching my novelas.

There are more, but I think these are plenty to get my point across, and who knows what the repercussions are going to be of sharing these many with you all already, but even as I’m reading these in writing now, it’s not that I’m opposed to any of the machismos I grew up with.  I’m okay with them.  I think they are a part of me as much as the rest of my life experiences to date.  Over the years I’ve defined each one of them myself in my own way… fitted them to me if you will.  I’m not super machista if that’s what you’re thinking, but in a lot of ways I am very traditional.  I’m okay with that too.  Only every once in a while when I catch myself wiping away a tear or rubbing apricot based cream on my face I can’t help think: nombre Juan, you’re such a Macho Sucker!