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El Chavo Del Ocho as a Musical Comedy?

el chavo del ocho musical comedy
The orginal cast of 'El Chavo Del Ocho.'

You know that saying “if ain’t broken, don’t fix it”?  I can’t help but think that when I think about this new take on the mega-international-hit-series ‘El Chavo Del Ocho.’  No es por nada, but the original show has been such a longstanding success for a reason.  We love the original characters and their original antics, on the original set, and with the original actors.  You can’t duplicate that.

If you could, someone would have certainly done so by now.  So while this new ‘musical comedy,’ which is slated to open in Chicago first as a trial run for US audiences, is being coordinated by Chespirito’s son Roberto Gomez Fernandez, I’m not really too excited about the concept.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’m perfectly happy watching reruns of the original series online or on the tube.  They still run episodes of ‘El Chavo Del Ocho’ all the time here.

Anyhow, the stage show will not include any of the original actors, has already toured Mexico and Central America, and depending on how audiences’ respond to it in Chicago, may be extended to other cities across the United States.

¿Cómo lo ven?  

New Music: Belanova’s Sueño Electro I & II

Well, not entirely brand new.  Belanova first came on my radar a couple of years ago when they were touring and promoting their mega-hit album Dulce Beat.  That album included chart toppers like Me Pregunto, Por Ti, Rosa Pastel and Niño, which all did relatively well considering they were sort of a brand new sound in Spanish pop music.  Belanova’s music can best be described as a fusion between pop, electronic and Latin beats.  It’s often referred to as synthpop, which basically means the synthesizer is the dominant musical instrument used by the Mexican group.

Belanova Sueño Electro
Mexican synthpop band Belanova.

The three member band first began their work together in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 2000.  Denisse Guerrero (the vocalist), Edgar Huerta (keyboards and programming), and Ricardo “Richie” Arreola (bass and guitar) have since toured the world, releasing album after album, hit after hit.  However, for all their success they are still very much an underground musical phenomenon.

On their current US tour, for example, rather than playing at huge venues with capacity for tens of thousands of fans, the trio is playing much smaller venues that can all probably hold a couple of hundred people, if that.

They are promoting their latest studio effort by the name of Sueño Electro, which they have released simultaneously in two parts and which features many new sounds for the group, including some mariachi-inspired sounds.  I may be biased as a fan, but I’m kind of digging both of the Sueño Electro I and Sueño Electro II.  The beat is familiar, but new in a surprising way in tracks like Tic – Toc.  This single sounds a little like Kylie Minogue at times.  Anywho, check out some of the tracks for yourself: