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William Levy: Is He Our New Cuchi Cuchi Charo?

william levy the new cuchi cuchi charo commercials juanofwords
William Levy by Sabritas.

I told you how William Levy made my TV screen sizzle – not to mention Anjelica – a couple of months ago, with his first US TV commercial opposite M&M’s Ms. Brown.  Now, it seems the Cuban heartthrob is all over the place, promoting ATT’s Uverse, Sabritas, the HTC X, Pepsi’s new mango concoction, and who knows what else.  His participation in every commercial is pretty standard – wear tight clothing, bat your eyes at the camera, and deep breathe a couple of words to the women on screen.  Some of them actually faint after he does, LOL!

But before you get to the videos, which was your main reason for visiting this post today anyway – I know, it’s okay – let me ask you one question.  Is William Levy turning into our new Cuchi Cuchi Charo?  The male version of course.  And if so, what does that say about where we are as a society?

I’m probably over analyzing things again, pero ya me conocen.

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Of Course ‘People En Español’ Picks William Levy as the Sexiest Man Alive in 2012!

william levy sexiest man alive 2012
As if any of the rest of us guys ever had a shot at this title.

Nimodo que escogieran al verdulero de la esquina.  Or este pobre tonto for that matter.  Who else was People En Español going to choose for this year’s “Sexiest Man Alive?”   William Levy has pretty much taken the US entertainment industry by storm after turning the dance floor on fire on Dancing With The Stars.  The question now is how bright will his star shine?  And for how long?

Other celebs on the list of the “World’s Most Sexiest” men include David Zepeda, Fernando Colunga, Prince Royce, Fabián Ríos and Sebastián Rulli.

I’ll assume somebody forgot to send me my invitation for this issue, this year.  LOL!

William Levy: He Can Make Even an M&M’s Commercial Sizzle!

William Levy mm commercial juanofwords
The hot and heavy couple of William Levy and Ms. Brown.

Pos since Elizabeth Gutierrez hasn’t been able to seal the deal.  Even after having two kiddos with the Cuban heartthrob who seemingly is the new Latino toast of the town in Hollywood – rumored to be starring in an upcoming Tyler Perry movie and to be heavily courting the lead role in the film adaptation of the 50 Shades of Grey book – Mars, Incorporated has decided to step up and find Mr. William Levy a, let’s say, more suitable companion.  Unless you’re living under a piedra somewhere chances are you’ve already seen this hugely popular 30 second commercial either online or on television.  It really is quite a genius advertisement!

Not only because of the crossover, bicultural appeal, but also because of the pure chemistry between Ms. Brown – the chocolate M&M – and William.  They literally set the screen on fire.  Either that, or how else can one explain the online craze over this one single commercial?

Anjelica and I watched it for the first time together.  This was her exact reaction, and I quote: “Wow, that’s a good commercial!”

It’s a Rainbow! It’s a Piñata! No… It’s The Urban Luchador!

And he’s now taking your questions.  No, seriously!  My friends at Jarritos recently introduced me to this, their latest and probably their most colorful spokesperson ever, the Urban Luchador!  At first, I was a little confused.  Who is this vato?  Why is he dressed like that?  ¿Ta loco o qué?  Then it hit me.  He’s not crazy.  He’s in a constant state of culture shock!  ¡Está norteado el guey!

jarritos urban luchador
The Urban Luchador, fueled by Jarritos!

At least that’s my explanation for his crazy antics.  He’s not from here you know, LOL!  Pero in all seriousness, just for fun, what do you want to know about El Urban Luchador?  Let’s put together a list of questions for him.  Maybe the 60-plus year old Mexican soft drink company will have him answer a couple of them for us… on video even?  They’ve agreed to at least have him review our questions.  ¡Miralo!  ¡Qué fancy!  Pipirisnais, the Luchador, jajaja!

Leave your questions for this very Hecho en México spokesman below, and you guys have a great Friday!