My favorite city in the world, Houston

My favorite city in the world, Houston

It’s been my home for the past 18 years. Houston, for me, is the place where I feel most comfortable. It is the city that took in a family of immigrants and opened doors for us, far beyond our wildest imaginations. It is the city where I met my wife, started a family, and eventually a business. For all intents and purposes, I guess you could say, it is my compass in the universe. The place I naturally gravitate towards no matter how far away I venture. To understand Houston, however, takes serious dedication. The burgeoning metropolis nestled amid bustling highways, byways and tollways, as well as incorporated and unincorporated annexes from the Gulf Coast to the hill country, is home to some six million residents from all over the world. The city was recently recognized as the most diverse in the United States and is well on its way to surpass Chicago as the third-largest in the country by population.

Galveston, Texas: Day Trip

So what do you do after a weeklong trip, more than 40 hours worth of road tripping behind you, and one more week worth of jam packed activities from Monday to Friday? Well,if you’re anything like us, you head for the shore… one more time! Only this time we were […]

San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is one of those cities where you can’t help but have a good time. This evening I spent some time in the Alamo City because I’m in for a day trip from Houston. Initially my plan was to stay in the hotel for the night and just relax, […]

The Megabus is Coming: Texas Destinations for $1!!

Thank goodness for my much hipper and more news savvy friends!!  Otherwise I probably would have never found out about this cool tidbit of information until one of these Megabus double-deckers would have driven up next to me on one of the freeways in town.  No tienen idea how excited […]