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In life, there are always reasons to celebrate. Whether it be for a huge accomplishment, a small victory, or just because we have the privilege of seeing a new day with our friends and family. It’s also pretty easy to take these things for granted, especially the little moments that make us smile for no particular reason at all. Call me selfish, but what makes me the most happy is seeing those I love happy too.

This Thanksgiving Day we just want to wish you all happiness and joy. We hope you spend it with those closest to you creating great memories. And what better way to try to put a smile on your face than by sharing one of our random silly moments that made us smile.

Happy turkey day, friends!



A little bit off.


Goofy, even.

Just not exactly how they are “supposed” to be acting. That’s usually what it means when someone says chisquiado or chisquiada. The word itself, chisquear can be interpreted to mean to confuse or amuse others. So you know when someone is speaking to you and they utter a complete sentence, but the words are all backwards. You nod in agreement at first, but then when your mind tries to process the sentence you just heard, it says “hold on, that’s off!”

You usually muster up something like, “huh?” And the other person then either looks at you bewildered at why you did not comprehend them (usually because they have no idea how they said what they said), or they laugh and apologize for their confusing wording. It’s one of those things that happens to all of us. If caught in the right tone and spontaneity it can be pretty hilarious too.

That’s when the word chisqueado comes in. ¡Estás bien chisqueado!

Or at least it does in our case. I think that’s one of Anjelica’s favorite words actually.


Black Friday Ready!

This post is sponsored by Cricket Wireless, but all opinions are mine.

Well, I say that every year, and then what do you know, I never make any of the big sales. We drive by a couple of stores and then decide they are too crowded and we probably won’t find anything all that awesome anyway… and we keep driving. We stop at The Galleria (Houston’s biggest mall, if you’re not familiar) and buy one or two very basic items, and then decide it’s too crowded there also before making a mad dash back to the car.

We drive away, pick up a hot chocolate or something and call it a day.

Waiting overnight or risking the possibility of getting into a fist-fight over a TV or something at a big box store just doesn’t appeal to me. I do love browsing for great deals though.

Those are almost as much fun too. Almost! :-)

Which reminds me, some thrift stores offer pretty great discounts on Black Friday too. Actually, a lot of them do. I know in Houston, for example, The Salvation Army has offered discounts of up to 50 percent on most of their merchandise. Some segundas open as early as 6 or 7 a.m. to give you plenty of time to shop their best items. Although, in some cases, the sales can end around noon too. It depends on the store. You should also know if you want a better chance at finding something really nice, you should shop early.

Yes, even at thrift stores, the early bird catches the worm.

Black Friday Ready!

If it’s a new prepaid phone you’re in the market for – whether it’s for your child, a parent, or yourself – you should know that Cricket Wireless recently announced a bunch of huge discounts on their latest smartphones too. These deals are good through January 8 and don’t require a contract. Cricket is even offering a $100 credit per line when you switch to one of their plans from your current wireless company. These are some of the phones that are on sale:

  • HTC Desire 510 (LTE) – Free after $75 main-in rebate at Cricket and GameStop stores
  • Motorola Moto G (LTE) – $25 after $75 mail-in rebate at Cricket stores
  • ZTE Sonata 4G (4G) – $40 at Cricket and GameStop stores
  • Motorola Moto E (4G) – $50 at select Walmart stores
  • LG Optimus L70 (4G) – $60 at Cricket stores
  • Samsung Galaxy Express (LTE) – $100 at select Walmart stores
  • ZTE Grand X (4G) – $100 after $50 mail-in rebate at Cricket stores

Black Friday Ready!

If you’ve never considered a prepaid phone, it might be an easy way to cut back on your expenses. They also make a great first phone for the kiddos. Edgar’s always on my Cricket phone.

Now tell me, what are you hoping to get your hands on this Black Friday!

Getting ready for El Big Turkey Day!

There’s something about celebrating holidays that aren’t necessarily yours that makes them extra interesting. I’m still kind of torn about Thanksgiving all together. Sure, culturally, it’s one of those holidays that by this stage in my life feels pretty natural, but at the same time there’s still that little voice in the back of my head that’s always asking, “what does Thanksgiving Day even mean?” Digo, I can appreciate the idea of giving thanks and spending time with family, eating lots of good food, and being extra aware of the things that we normally take for granted. It’s a nice holiday. No doubt about that.

Where the uncertainty kicks in for me is the main course.

That centerpiece of any decent Thanksgiving Day meal. The extra large bird that has to be cooked just right. You can’t cook it for only a few hours and expect it to be succulent. You can’t rub it with just a couple of spices and call it a day. You have tend to the damn bird like it’s a freaking borrego or something. And there isn’t just one way to cook the almighty Thanksgiving Day turkey right either!

You can fry it in a deep frier. You can bake it, for hours in the oven. You can even wrap it with chicken and duck and call it a Turducken. If you’re curious about that last version here’s a blog post about it from by good friend Sandra. I have to confess I am quite curious about that version myself too. We haven’t had one for the big turkey day either.

Adding to my overall inner turmoil about this holiday is the fact that growing up we didn’t really start celebrating Thanksgiving Day until my dad started being sent home with a turkey every year from his job. We had it in tacos. We had it in mole. We made tamales with the turkey. We made guisado the next day with the leftovers. Tortas sometimes. And even huevo con pavo when we didn’t know what else to do with all the extra turkey sitting in the fridge.

Now if you know turkey, you know that day-old turkey just doesn’t taste all that great. It has a certain aftertaste that’s bitter and lingering in your mouth. Plus, we all know the best part of the turkey is the turkey breast, and any other white meat you can manage to find on this big bird. Even that meat tastes dry the next day when you try to heat it up and eat it as leftovers. I don’t know. The whole thing is just too complicated.

I am, however, a fan of deep-fried turkeys. I think it’s all the oil and butter that makes them taste just that much better than the non-deep-fried alternative.

Yet even after saying all of that – all of that drama – Thanksgiving just isn’t complete without a big fat turkey sitting in the middle of the dining room table. In our case, two or three of them, along with tamales, salsa de molcajete, cranberry sauce, tortillas, pico de gallo, potato salad, pumpkin and walnut pies, flan (sometimes), and even ponche if it’s cold enough outside.

Usually by the time we’re done eating I’m too full and sleepy to ask anymore questions.

Alright, now I’m ready for turkey day!

Getting ready for El Big Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving by Frank Lindecke.

Puros Pinchis Roosters!

So since forever Juan has been obsessed with roosters. We can’t come across anything with a rooster on it, or in the shape of a rooster, without him insisting that he has to have it for the house. Until now, somehow we’ve managed to only buy a couple of actual roosters for the house. Well, not real roosters… decorative pieces inspired by roosters I mean.

We actually found a nice rooster portrait at IKEA once that we did actually buy.

Now he says the obsession stems from growing up in the Rio Grande Valley. The country life, he says. You know, the rancho. His mom actually has real life roosters in the countryside where she lives. I’m not saying that I’m opposed to them, but the thought of a rooster yelling in the early hours of the morning to tell me that it’s time to wake up doesn’t sit well with me either.

I’d probably have to send that poor gallito packing, LOL!

So, during this trip to a local antique store, you can imagine how excited Juan was when he discovered there was an entire room in the back dedicated to rooster memorabilia. Where else but Texas would that be possible?

You may or may not be proud of us for not buying any of the roosters in that room!

Wine Up! The Kendall-Jackson AVANT version that is.

This post is sponsored by Kendall-Jackson AVANT, but all opinions are mine.

I have never been the “type of person” to keep up with different styles of dining, much less with what kind of wines were being served at the tables where I was breaking bread with my friends and family.

Ever since I started working with Kendall-Jackson AVANT, earlier this year, that has started to change.

I’m still not an expert on Houston’s hot and happening dining scene – with new and trendy restaurants opening up all of the time – but I am much more inclined to accept an invitation to a trendy new spot these days. I can also say I now know the difference between at least a couple of wine flavors. Yes, me, the girl who only seven years ago discovered Sauvignon Blanc!

It all started when Kendall-Jackson reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in trying out their new line of wines, AVANT. I figured I could broaden my knowledge of vino, so I said yes.

A couple of days later, three varieties of AVANT wine arrived at the house. We gradually began to taste each and I decided my preferred flavor is the Red Blend. You can actually taste all of the fresh ingredients that were used to create Red Blend. It’s pretty crisp and clean too.

I also learned at the local events hosted by Kendall-Jackson AVANT, that the wine-maker takes great pride in the smooth and fresh flavors of their products. Now, I’m not sure if what I am about to share is an industry secret, or a known fact among wine-makers, but it was new information for me. According to my very reliable sources – the makers of this wine – in general, wines have a better taste when the grapes that go into making them have been grown in terrains where they are made to struggle into maturity. It gives them character, so to speak. Which is also why Kendall-Jackson AVANT uses ingredients from the climate and hill countries of Sonoma, Napa, and Santa Barbara.

Not too shabby, huh?

Well, the last few months of being a Kendall-Jackson AVANT influencer have been a lot of fun! We’ve been to a couple of events, where we had the chance to invite our friends to come along too. The treatment we have received has been especially gracious. The locales were pretty cool too! You all already know, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hang out with my friends and family!The bottles of AVANT wine being served throughout the night were the icing on the cake.

Here are a few of the pictures from our events:

Wine Up! The Kendall-Jackson AVANT version that is.
Wine Up! The Kendall-Jackson AVANT version that is. Wine Up! The Kendall-Jackson AVANT version that is. Wine Up! The Kendall-Jackson AVANT version that is. Wine Up! The Kendall-Jackson AVANT version that is. Wine Up! The Kendall-Jackson AVANT version that is.

Really quick and just for kicks, Kendall-Jackson AVANT is vinted and bottled with 100% certified wind energy.

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