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Dinner and a rather unfortunate show

Dinner and a rather unfortunate show

Disclosure: I have partnered with Cricket Wireless as a 2014 Blog Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

I have so much to say, I’m just going to get started. This post will be quite scattered and off in so many different directions, so… I hope you stay until the end because I promise I have something to say. Maybe.

I went out to have dinner last week with my husband and a good friend. Juan and I were in the car when she parked her truck. We had been in the car for most of the evening actually. Juan was trying to wrap up a conference call that seemed to be lasting forever so I decided to join our friend inside for dinner while he finished. To be realistic, I don’t think my presence in the car was actually helping anyone. As a matter of fact, I was being quite annoying. My eyes still hurt from all the eye rolling I was doing while he sat in the passenger seat trying to pay attention to what was being said.

The call kept going, and going, and going… so we settled on having dinner at a cute, semi-hidden Greek restaurant located in Houston’s Montrose/Westheimer area. This area of town is well known for being a pretty creative place, a lot of free thinkers, hippies if you will, or as Juan likes to say sometimes, “all these bicyclists that are just in my way.” You can’t really tell whether the area is thriving or declining most of the time. It seems to be one of the few communities in Houston that always stays the same. Or maybe that’s just Houston in a nut shell? A city that’s always changing, and always staying the same.

Nonetheless, I was enjoying my conversation with our friend (about 30 minutes later) when Juan walked in looking all flushed and ready to change what we were talking about completely. We had ordered for him since he was taking a while to come inside. Just as our dinner was being brought to the table the waiter walked over and tapped Juan on the shoulder. He looked very distraught and asked Juan “what do you drive?” It was an odd question, so naturally we all looked confused. Juan pointed in the direction of the parking lot, and before he could finish his sentence the waiter was waving him to get up and walk to the entrance of the restaurant.

“Is that your car?,” the waiter asked.

It was.

To our surprise it was hanging off the backend of a tow truck.

What the hell?!?

We dashed outside and quickly confronted the wrecker driver. He was really quite rude. Or in my honest opinion, long story short, he was an idiot. Here I was, yelling at him, arguing that we were eating inside and not parked illegally, while he just continued to rant about how Juan had walked off the property before going inside to join us. Apparently, that’s reason enough to tow your car in that parking lot. I stepped outside to call the wrecking company and express my dissatisfaction.

By this point I was nearly foaming at the mouth from my anger, yelling into the telephone, while the person on the other end just dismissed everything I had to say. As it turns out, the person on the other end was actually the same tow truck driver who had argued with me in the parking lot and picked up our vehicle erroneously from the beginning. He just happened to be using an Indian accent to act like he was someone else. Really. I’m serious.

And yes, I was “that” woman. Standing in my heels in the parking lot of this restaurant, ready to devour, chew and spit this guy out, over the phone. Hell, anyone in my way really. The only human being brave enough to try and tame this rabid panther was my husband. I have to give him credit for trying to calm me down. He stood there looking at me, asking me if I was coming back inside. Finally, I found my way back to the table, but all I could do was glare at my food. I no longer had an appetite. When my phone rang, I quickly answered. It was my best friend calling and I knew a quick rant away from the table would help me move past my frustration.

Success! I told her about what had just happened, and almost instantly my ears were no longer raging hot. I was ready to move past the incident. I could now enjoy what was left of my food. I still have no idea how some of that dinner actually tasted, but I did manage to rejoin the conversation and eat my dinner so as to not be rude. Our friend was a very good sport while this all played out. She knows me quite well now.

So now here’s my crazy segue to what our initial conversation was about to begin with.

We were talking about women in coding, the new programs out to help women learn and practice computer coding, and how at younger ages women and girls are now being engaged by these opportunities. That’s when we were interrupted by Juan when he finally joined us for dinner.

Coincidentally, did you know there are coding classes being taught by women for women? The simple notion of that reality makes me giddy. I myself will need a terminology book just to begin to even understand coding, but I am definitely excited. I may just have to teach myself the basics.

Still, I can’t believe I almost allowed that one person driving the tow truck to ruin a great dinner and conversation. I almost missed out on learning about something I could potentially be passionate about.

In fact, my goal now is to learn and build an app of my own. I haven’t come up with a genius idea just yet, but if I ever do I hope you will all download it and share it far and wide. Even if it is just an app of a cat sitting in a cute basket licking her paw every time you swipe the screen, I will put something together.

I am quite an app fanatic, so for making it to the end of this post, I am rewarding you with this app for coding. According to the reviews, this is the must-have app if you are interested in getting started in this industry.

#VidaConCricket Juan of Words - Anjelica Cazares

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Married people problems

You know you’ve been married for quite a while when you start picking up on each other’s quirks, and then you start to poke fun at each other for all the craziness between you. No, pos quien sabe, in all honesty. We were just having fun with the video camera again, and this is what we captured. Esperamos que lo disfruten… and hey, if you’re interested in subscribing, here’s the channel where you can do that

For brown little boys and girls

For brown little boys and girls

Photo by Anjelica Cazares

We have a responsibility to remember who we are, where we’ve been, and where we come from! I may be going off on a tangent here in a second, so consider this your warning. Tonight, I was reminded once again why having a voice, for me, was ever even important. Not to say that I think I have a huge voice, or that I’m even reaching tens of thousands of people, or anything like that. You all know that as of late I haven’t been writing nearly as much as I used to. I’m not going to make excuses for myself.

I’ve been busy.

I’ve been working long hours.

And most days when I get home I just want to veg out and do absolutely nothing.

Just sit in front of the television set and watch my novela, have dinner with Edgar and Anjelica, and spend time with them doing absolutely nothing… or at least nothing that eventful. Our life, in truth, has become pretty comfortable. We’re always trying to make the most of our time together, and before you know it we’re laying in bed, waking up again the next morning, to get going all over again.

But tonight. Tonight, I was reminded again that somewhere inside of me is still that young little lost boy who never dreamt of going farther than his circumstances would have allowed him to go. It never once would have dawned on me back then that my words could have an impact, even on a single person. I was a different human being back then. A more humble one. A simpler one. A more innocent one. A more naive one. A boy whose circumstances could have defeated him. A boy who could have chosen not to dream.

But for whatever reason, I chose to dream.

Tonight, when I was face to face with myself as that young boy again, I couldn’t help but getting a little choked up at how defenseless I must have been. I was a boy wanting to take on a world that didn’t even make sense to me. There weren’t any role models for me back then. At least not people that looked like me or were doing the things I wanted to do. And yet that didn’t stop me. I honestly don’t know why?

Y no es que le quiera echar mucha crema a mis tacos, but something inside me told me I had to keep pushing myself. I had to make something of myself. I had to make my life mean something.

En realidad, I don’t know that I’ve done that yet. Actually, I know I haven’t. The point of this post, though, is to say to those little brown boys and girls out there, like me, that it is always okay to dream and reach for the impossible.

Coming from nothing is not an excuse to say “I can’t” or “I never will.”

You can. And you will.

I believe in you.

Puro pedo, puro wato… nomás shooting the breeze

Our latest vlog post is just as random of the last couple of videos we have shared. We kind of didn’t really land on a central topic… but we did cover a lot of stuff. And most importantly, I believe I established pretty clearly just how great I think Lucero is in general. Pues sí. So enjoy if you’re so inclined. And gracias!

The Crafty Selfie

The Crafty Selfie

Here’s a fun way to keep kids busy, over and over again.

This craft will need to be constructed with adult supervision, but it definitely won’t take long to put together. In fact, I’m almost certain you’ll want to join in on all the fun after you read this blog post. All you really need is a little creativity, and you can bring any scene you can imagine to life. 

The materials you’ll need are: 

  • A picture frame – I prefer using a wooden frame, and bought all of these for less than $2 each at a local thrift store.
  • 2 types of crafting paper – Any craft paper will do. You’ll use one for your background, the other for the body of your little crafty selfie.
  • Metal square sheets – As many as may need for your creation. These can be purchased at any hardware store. Choose the sheet size according to the size of the frame you will be using.
  • A body silhouette for your selfie – You choose how you want to look.
  • Scissors.
  • Fabrics to make clothes and other miniature items as desired.
  • Adhesive – The adhesive of you choice as long as it is strong enough to hold cardboard, metal sheets and the craft paper you are using in place. I used Aleens tacky glue and E600.
  • Magnet strip or magnets in small/tiny forms – I purchased a magnetic strip roll at my local dollar store.
  • Picture of whoever’s selfie you would like to create - I really enjoyed playing with the funny faces my nephew makes along with Juan’s face.

The Crafty Selfie

Here’s how to create your crafty selfie:

  1. First, remove the glass from your frame, as well as all the papers and backboards within it. You will want to save the backboards, but the rest of the items can be discarded. If you don’t have a backboard, don’t worry. You can create one very easily with cardboard.
  2. Second, measure the inside of your frame, and add about 1/4 of an inch to that number.
  3. Now, if you wish to decoupage your frame to give it a more creative look, stop here and do that.
  4. Next, print your body silhouette. Place it on the craft paper of your choice and trace it on the craft paper so you can cut out the silhouette. You can also use this silhouette to make miniature clothes for your crafty selfie.
  5. Once done with the above steps, you can use a lighter adhesive like Aleens glue to attach your background crafting paper to the frame. Turn your frame upside down in order to do so. Make sure you are attaching your paper so the background you want will be on the front side of the frame.
  6. Now glue your metal sheet or sheets to backboard making sure that the metal sheets are centered. This will give you more space on the frame.
  7. Next, adhere the backboard with the metal sheet or sheets attached to your picture frame. The metal sheets should be  sandwiched between your craft paper and the backboard.
  8. Last and most importantly, adhere the body silhouette on frontside of your frame at the center of your background. Leave enough space to paste your face, and make sure the silhouette is laying on top of the metal sheets (you’ll use the metal sheets to magnetize). I used double-sided tape to adhere my faces.

The Crafty Selfie

Your crafty selfie is almost done. Here is where the fun really begins. You will want to let your imagination run wild when deciding how to dress and decorate your crafty self’s selfie. Using fabrics, paper, beads, trims, lace, cabochons, ribbons, paints, unused jewelry, etc., etc., to create your miniature character’s clothing and accessories.

I had so much fun coming up with things to add to my frames below. Seriously it’s lots of fun. I guarantee it!

BONUS!! Click the image below to download the body silhouette for your crafty selfies. 

The Crafty Selfie

The Crafty Selfie The Crafty Selfie The Crafty Selfie The Crafty Selfie The Crafty Selfie

De Confianza

De Confianza

Ser una persona de confianza is a matter of honor in our culture. Well, at least in my culture as I understand it. I don’t want to make any blanket generalizations about what other people might feel or think just because we happen to share an ethnicity or culture. What I will say is that ever since I can remember to describe someone as being de confianza is a huge compliment and also pretty great for that said person’s reputation.

It’s like giving them your seal of approval. Putting your word on the line that this individual is someone that somebody else can rely on as a trustworthy person.

The other phrase that comes to mind is de palabra. 

Have you ever heard “yo soy de palabra”, “te doy mi palabra”, or the ever popular “mi palabra es la ley”?

The latter is etched into many of our hearts and minds, from long nights coupled with many a longnecks chugged back to the rhythm of cumbias and rancheras.

In our cultura, in my cultura at least, being de confianza is right up there with being una persona de bien. A respectable member of society.

Do you agree?

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