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Mango Salsa – Recipe

Mango Salsa
Here in Texas, right around April is when we first start experiencing that unforgiving heat and humidity we’re so famous for. That’s also about the time of year I start making fewer and fewer appearances outside during the day. I am sure it’s obvious by now, but if you don’t know, I really do not like the hot Houston summer days! The one thing I do like about summer, though, are all the fruits and veggies that are in season this time of year! 

For me, all that means is A LOT of good eating. I love salsas and pico de gallos especially. This one is a mango salsa that my sister recently re-introduced me to. It’s sweet, tangy and spicy all at the same time. Oh, so heavenly! And I can eat an entire batch in one sitting. That wouldn’t be so bad considering the salsa itself is pretty healthy. It’s all the tortilla chips that have me feeling guilty later. Nonetheless, I wanted to share my recipe here with you today.  

What you’ll need:

- A bowl to mix your chopped veggies and fruit
- A sharp knife
- A cutting board
- One mango
- One tomato
- One onion (yellow or purple will work)
- One jalapeño chile or Serrano chile
- Cilantro
- Lemon (I prefer lemon rather than limes)
- Salt to your tasting


- Chop you veggies and fruit to size for the texture of your liking
(Here I want to quickly add that I use a device almost like the “slap chop” to get smaller, more thinly diced portions) 
- Pour all your chopped veggies and fruit into the bowl
- Mix them together
- Squeeze lemon over your salsa to your taste
- Add salt also to your taste
- And ENJOY! 

What I like: 

I prefer thinner cuts with the tomato and onion and larger chunks with the mango, cilantro and chile. It’s easier to remove the chile later if the salsa turns out too hot. I hope you give this recipe a try and let me know what you think.

Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa

La Mafia Album Release Party

La Mafia Album Release Party Houston

Let’s just start off by admitting La Mafia is pretty badass! I grew up loving their music from a very young age, and their infectious Tejano sound was all over the radio during my teenage years. In fact, in high school we had Tejano dances every year where their jams like Un Millón de Rosas and Vida were the slow songs we all wanted to dance to with our sweethearts. I can still recite all of their songs from those days word for word!

So obvio when we were invited to their album release party in Houston this week, Anjelica and I didn’t even flinch before saying OF COURSE!! We attended, with a couple dozen other folks, a very intimate gathering off of Houston’s Washington Ave. It’s a part of town we don’t often frequent, but the venue was actually quite nice.

The group played several of their classic hits and told us stories about their history and career before leading into their new songs from the forthcoming album Amor y Sexo. It was definitely a nice trip down memory lane.

photo-2 Here’s a quick video I was able to capture. Please excuse my shaky hand on the camera. And enjoy!

International calls

Disclosure: I have partnered with Cricket Wireless as a 2014 Blog Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

My mom just recently took a trip down to San Luis Potosí, Mexico for Mother’s Day. It’s been a while since her last visit. While she was there it was great knowing that I could quickly get in contact with her by just picking up the phone.

Actually, it seems that nowadays everyone is using their phones to make calls to Mexico instead of using phone cards anymore.  Do you remember those? I do. I also remember my mom used to complain that if our family in Mexico didn’t answer their phone quickly enough her minutes would dwindle down with every ring.  She called those cards a rip off. I know they were expensive and hard to find at times.

It really is kind of unbelievable that now anyone can call internationally for just a couple of bucks a month. I did when my mom was in Mexico. And for her, that definitely means two thumbs up!

On a related note here are some pictures of what my mom brought me back from Mexico.

International calls

International calls

International calls

#VidaConCricket Juan of Words - Anjelica Cazares

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We were there last weekend. Very briefly. We drove in on Saturday. Drove back on Sunday. Took some pictures. And hey, we finally got a new camera, so we wanted to share some pics. We only went to the Farmer’s Market, and then to dinner at a Lebanese restaurant. It was okay only. Not all that great. The food, I mean. The trip was what we needed. A break from the usual. And hey, Dallas, you’re art is pretty awesome! On a side note: no, no fuimos a da’las… sino a Dallas, Texas :-) 

Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas

My absolute favorite dish

It’s been my absolute favorite dish for as long as I can remember. Well, except for the homemade chile con queso dish my mom used to make when I lived under her roof. Nobody can top that deliciousness, which was always accompanied with a healthy heaping of freshly made flour tortillas. ¡Uy, ya me dio hambre! Pero bueno, I digress. This dish here is from my favorite taquería in Houston. Taquería Alteño, of course!

It’s the #4 on the menu. The quesadilla grande with fajita de pollo, and beans and rice on the side. It’s extra large, and always delicious, with lots of melted white cheese inside too. And I always like to open up the quesadilla so I can pour lots of Valentina sauce inside before taking my first bite. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, you should give it a try. It’s delicious!

My absolute favorite dish

10 things a Latina would have said or done to Jay Z in Solange’s shoes

10 things a Latina would have said or done to Jay Z in Solange's shoes

Yes, it’s gratuitous. Yes, it was very hard to resist the urge. No, you don’t have to keep reading if you don’t want to hear or read anything else about the whole Solange-Jay Z controversy. Pero, I myself, I had to get this out of my system. Who knows what the hell he told her to make her so angry. Who knows who was wrong or right in this ridiculous escandalo, but what I couldn’t help wondering was what if he had said whatever he said to a Latina?

A strong, take-no-one’s crap, Latina, who might have reacted with the same level of fury as Solange? What would she have said or done? I thought it would be fun to take a jab at answering that question:

10. Hijo de tu…. 

9. ¿Quién te crees pen…? 

8. Nomás deja que lleguemos a la casa, ¡cabron! 

7. No words. Just a big dramatic slap across the face. 

6. ¡Te dije, que, no, estés, chingando! 

5. ¡Bey! ¡Agarra tu esposo! ¡O no respondo! 

4. ¿Muy machito verdad? Pues, ¡orale! TOMA!!

3. ¡Ya mero! 

2. ¡Qué rapero millonario ni que ocho cuartos! 


I feel better about my curiosity now :-)

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