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The magic of Jenni Rivera: La Gran Señora

Her star power was real. SO REAL! Recently we came across this song by Jenni Rivera, which again reminded us why she was such a star.

The song is called La Gran Señora and it pretty much is the ultimate comeback for the scorned woman who is talking directly to her man’s mistress. In the song Jenni basically tells her to either step off or to get ready for a good beatdown. I know, it sounds a little harsh, but it’s also part of Jenni Rivera’s charm, we think.

That’s the thing about La Gran Señora. A lot of her music gave a voice to millions of women who felt exactly like her songs, and who normally wouldn’t have said the things Jenni did.

They didn’t have to. She did it for them.

Stars React To Jenni Rivera’s Performance In ‘Filly Brown’

stars react to jenni rivera performance filly brown juanofwords

One of the highlights of my experience last week in Miami for Hispanicize was watching the premiere of the film Filly Brown.  The all Latino cast shined from top to bottom, but definitely the most powerful performance was the one given as a final farewell by Jenni Rivera.  I told you in my review of the film how moved we all were by her performance.

Well consider this an extra treat.  I couldn’t get my computer to edit these videos before.  Otherwise I would have shared them last week… pero bueno, these were some of the celebrity reactions to Jenni Rivera, La Diva De La Banda in Filly Brown.

Again, remember the movie opens nationwide on April 19th.

Go watch it!

Filly Brown: A Very Fitting Farewell For Jenni Rivera – #Hispz13 Film Review

Filly brown jenni Rivera film premiere

It’s a movie about a rapper trying to make it in the music industry for the sake of her family. Oh but it is about so much more. Jenni Rivera’s name might be the loudest you will hear repeated over and over about this film. And rightfully so. The Late Diva De La Banda gives a very earnest performance in this her first and only participation in a full length feature film.

But Filly Brown is definitely not Don Juan De Marco. You know that one and only film Selena participated in as herself.

In Filly Brown we find a Jenni who is anything but the larger than life superstar mother and entrepreneur we came to know and love. Jenni’s Maria, the drug addicted mother who’s in jail serving 10 years for drug charges, is mean and ruthless manipulating her daughter for the sake of her own drug addiction.

And while you wouldn’t think so this gritty and gut wrenching performance turns out to be quite an emotional final farewell to Jenni Rivera on film. There is one final scene at the end with her and her character’s family that had almost everyone in the theater balling.

Unintentionally Filly Brown becomes an ominous final look at the raw and real personality that was Jenni Rivera. I can’t say enough about how emotional it is to see her in this role on the silver screen.

The film’s star Gina Rodriguez also gives a knockout performance as the tough, but very soft hearted Filly Brown. Edward James Olmos and Lou Diamond Phillips also star in the film. The big breakout star of the film for me was Houston’s own Chingo Bling. Bling’s garage music label manager character is hilarious. Under any other circumstances he might have stolen the entire film.

In the end Filly Brown is a universal story about a family struggling with drug addiction, individual relationships and an overall broken home. It’s not a pretty subject matter but one that’s very real for so many and that we don’t see portrayed in an honest way very often.

Filly Brown opens in theaters across the nation on April 19th.

Should Mun2 Air The Final Season Of Jenni Rivera’s Reality Show?

jenni rivera i love jenni final season on mun2 juanofwords
La Diva De La Banda.

I’ll be honest.  This makes me kind of cringe.  Como que todavía it’s too soon for another new season of I Love Jenni, especially when it will feature the posthumous Diva De La Banda in the days leading up to her tragic accident on December 9th.  Maybe it’s just me… but something about it feels a little morbid.  I also felt that the Jenni Rivera special from Univision this past weekend was right on the fence of being inappropriate too.  I think it’s too soon for anyone to be interviewing or filming her children about how they are coping with their mother’s passing.

How is that any of our business?

But again that may just be me.

I mean, wrong or right, my way of looking at it is that it is one thing to remember Jenni Rivera from the music she left for the world already.  Or all of the other seasons of I Love Jenni up until now.  Or the countless other media interviews, pictures and videos that she participated in before her death.  But it’s another thing completely to air something so personal as her life in this reality show.  And don’t get me wrong, I was a huge fan of I Love Jenni from the beginning.  But part of the reason why I was always such a fan of the show was precisely because she allowed us to see so much of her in such a personal light.  I don’t know that I’m ready for that again.

Honestly, I will be skipping this season for any of the foreseeable future.

I Love Jenni‘s third and final season will air on Mun2 beginning on April 14th.  According to the network it will include final footage of Jenni and current footage of her family as they rebuild their lives.

What do you think?

Will you be watching?

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In Memory of Our Gran Señora: My 12 Seconds with Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera ultimo adios diva de la banda la gran senora juanofwords
La Gran Señora

I did meet Jenni Rivera once.  For all of 12 seconds that is.  I know it was exactly 12 seconds because I recorded our conversation with a video camera.  She was gracing the red carpet in all of her glory.  A beautiful black dress cinching those caderas, that signature thick and brownish mane of hers falling ever so smoothly past her shoulders and down her espalda.  She was the Jenni Rivera I was expecting.  Larger than life.  Smiling.  Happy.  Enamored by her fans.  And her fans, even more enamored by her.  Chanting her name actually, at the first sight of her arrival.  ¡Jenni! ¡Jenni! ¡Jenni!  I couldn’t help but join in.

¿Diva un momento please?   ¿Diva un momento please?  

Then it happened.  She turned and acknowledged me for all of 12 seconds.

It was earlier this year at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, and despite how star struck I was then, I never would have imagined those 12 seconds between us would haunt me the way they do now.

I never would have imagined that seven months later our Jenni Rivera would be gone.

I won’t say that I am mourning.  I’m sad, yes.  But I don’t believe it’s my place to mourn.  Her children, her parents, her close friends and those who actually knew her are the ones entitled to mourn her.  The rest of us, all we are left to do is pay our respects.  To respectfully let this family grieve and go through whatever it is they need to go through privately.  La Gran Señora, La Diva De La Banda, Ms. Jenni Rivera, she was ours.  The daughter, the mother, the wife, the friend, the comadre, Jenni Rivera, she was never ours for the taking.  I can’t even imagine the pain her children must be going through.  It breaks my heart to hear that all five of her children are now without a mother.  What can I say that will make any of this make any sense at all?

Nothing.  Nada.

Jenni, our brief 12 seconds were too short.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you then how much of a Gran Señora I actually always considered you to be.

Que descances en paz, Diva.

I’s so sorry for our loss.

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What’s Going On With The Women of Música Regional Mexicana?!

Jenni Rivera and Las Horoscopo de Durango at Premios de la Radio
Arrested. The Terraza sisters in Florida.

O sea, we all know our mujeres no se dejan ¡ca&*$nes! …but lately there seems to be so much controversy surrounding our leading ladies of música regional mexicana.  Exhibit A: Who hasn’t heard about the very tragic and just plain sad pleito between Jenni Rivera and her daughter?  All supposedly over a man.  Her now estranged husband no less.  I’m not even going to go there.  Suffice it to say I hope mother and daughter can work things out.  You can read some of their Twitter exchanges below.

Now, over the weekend – and we can call this Exhibit B – Las Horoscopos de Durango somehow managed to get themselves arrested at their own concert (video below) for allegedly inciting a riot in Okeechobee County in Florida.  The singing sisters were reportedly defending a couple of their 1,600 concert attendees who had gotten into a brawl with each other and were being intervened by security at the venue.  Before it was all over one of the cops had been hit by a full can of beer in the head and another had been kicked in the groin by one of the Terrazas sisters.  Can anyone say corrido in the making?  I’m just saying.

Now all we need is for Paquita La Del Barrio to get krunk on somebody!

Yeah, Jenni Rivera Is Getting A Divorce – Don’t Hate!

jenni rivera esteban loiza divorce juanofwords
That’s it for Jenni and Esteban. They’re getting a divorce.

¡Pobre!  That’s what I think about La Diva De La Banda, and the big news today about her divorce from baseball player Esteban Loaiza.  After just over 24 months of marriage, El Gordo y La Flaca broke the news today that the reality TV couple had filed for divorce.  While it is unfortunate.  It’s not really that surprising for a celebrity couple.  What was kind of refreshing – though not so much so for Jenni, since she is always tweeting sin pelos en la lengua – was her response.  Posted on Facebook, this is what she had to say on her page:

Amigos, Fan’s a lo largo de mi vida siempre he sido honesta y hoy no será la excepción. Entiendo que las palabras que aquí se mencionan pueden tener varias interpretaciones, pero les pido no hacer un escándalo donde no lo hay, el asunto es muy sencillo, es un divorcio como cualquier otro… a todos mis seguidores les hago el compromiso que daré el esfuerzo que siempre me ha caracterizado para seguir siendo una madre que lucha y defiende a sus hijos, así como una artista que se entrega completamente en los escenarios… A los medios de comunicación, les pido entiendan que no quiero hablar más del tema porque así lo decidí y así se lo pedí a Esteban, con lo que él estuvo de acuerdo… Para mí no es un fracaso, sino un paso más en mi vida, una experiencia que me deja la enseñanza para mejorar y salir adelante como siempre lo he hecho… esta decisión es algo muy difícil para todos los involucrados por lo que les pido respeto y comprensión

In English.  In a nutshell.  “I am getting a divorce.  It’s not anybody’s business.  Leave us alone about it.  And let’s all move on.”

Well.  That’s pretty much that.

Better luck next time, Diva!

Jenni Rivera… Kilos Lighter!

Jenni Rivera weight loss pierde peso juanofwords
What is Jenni Rivera doing to lose so much weight?

What in the world is going on with Jenni Rivera?!  Not that it’s any of my business or anything, pero como que ya está bien skinny la condenada.  I follow La Diva de la Banda on both Twitter and Facebook, and since a couple of weeks ago I had been noticing she kind of looked thinner in the pictures she was uploading.  Now, having finally looked at a couple of pictures of Jenni from just a couple of months ago, the remarkable difference is pretty undeniable.  She looks good, pero como que I liked the Jenni with more meat on her bones.

What do you think?  Did Jenni get lipo, is she just exercising and eating right, or is it something else?  Do you like her better flaca or rellenita?

Could it finally be time for the @Balleni_Rivera Twitter account to retire?