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Tribute to Selena at Billboard Latin Music Awards to feature Jennifer Lopez

Tribute to Selena at Billboard Latin Music Awards to feature Jennifer Lopez

Well now we have to watch the Billboard Latin Music Awards on April 30! Entertainment Weekly is reporting Telemundo and Jennifer Lopez have confirmed the singer and actress will once again reprise her role as the late Queen of Tejano music during this year’s live awards show. If that’s not a hook to make us tune in I’m not sure what is!

Here’s further proof if you don’t believe us!

Tribute to Selena at Billboard Latin Music Awards to feature Jennifer Lopez

Did Jenni Rivera Deliver at the Latin Billboards?

La Diva de La Banda walked out just as she had walked in, empty handed from the Billboard Latin Music Awards last week.  After losing in the in the Mexican Regional category, where she was the only female nominated, to Gerardo Ortiz, Jenni literally put her best foot forward in her very stellar performance of her tracks.

jenni rivera billboard music awards 2012
La Diva De La Banda, Jenni Rivera

She was singing a ballad from her most recent studio production, La Gran Señora, and there was definitely no doubt who La Gran Señora was from the moment she stepped on the red carpet.  The crowds went wild yelling incessantly “Jenni! Jenni! Jenni!”  I had hoped to get an interview with her as she’s a favorite among many women in my family, but had decided it wasn’t going to happen as her entourage whisked her through the red carpet the first time around.  At this point I’d only managed to sneak a picture of La Diva from afar.  Then, the next thing I knew she was right there next to me wrapping up an interview for TV.  I yelled her name and this is what I got:

Now, what do you think, did she deliver on her promise?  Did you enjoy her show?  This is her full performance at the Billboard Awards:

One thing’s for sure, her fans like me – I’m more a fan of Jenni on her Mun2 reality show I Love Jenni – were certainly satisfied with her delivery.

Pictures From The Red Carpet at #Billboards2012


Behind The Scenes at #Billboards2012

I promised you guys behind the scenes access, and well, here it is! So far this trip to Miami has been amazing. So much to see and not enough time. Telemundo has been amazing to all of us bloggers. Gracias!


Rumbo a Los Latin Billboards: Day 1 in Miami

So… Who’s Performing at the Latin Billboards?

Tomorrow by this time hopefully I’ll be en route to the 2012 Billboard Latin Music Awards.  As you all have probably heard by now – with my constant gushing about it over the last couple of days – I’ll be attending the awards show as a guest of Telemundo, and am very excited to be visiting Miami Beach for the first time as part of this trip as well.  Now, besides wondering in my head just how thrilling it would be to meet JLO up close and personal, I’m also bien emocionado about all of the big name acts that will be performing at the show!

2012 billboard latin music awards
Performers Paulina Rubio, 3BallMty and Jenni Rivera.

I’m talking about folks like Paulina Rubio, Don Omar, Prince Royce, Jenni Rivera, Daddy Yankee, Juanes, and even 3BallMty!  I’m really kind of looking forward to watching 3BallMty perform live.  ¡No les digo!  I should have bought myself a pair of botas picudas a long time ago!

The Latin Billboards air on Thursday, May 26, 2012 at 7 p.m./6C on Telemundo.

I’m Going to Miami! For the Billboard Latin Music Awards!!

Exactly one year ago I was complaining.  “I want to go to the Billboard Latin Music Awards!  Why didn’t I get invited?!”  Some of my favorite bloggers had received their invitations and were happily getting ready to make the trip to sunny Miami.  I was happy for them of course, pero para ser bien sincero, I was a little jealous también!  I sat back in awe and admiration as they posted their updates on social networking sites… a few of them even sending me personal messages with pictures of my favorite stars.  It was very sweet en verdad.

2012 Billboard Latin Music Awards
Miami Beach!

So, this year, when I got the invitation from Telemundo to attend the 2012 Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami, next week, I couldn’t believe it!  Desde luego I said YES! and then started doing fist pumps in the air.  Ya sé… I’m a dork!

2012 Billboard Latin Music Awards
Red Carpet photo by joey Montana

Can you believe it?!  I’m going to be there at the awards in beautiful Miami Beach with all of the nominees!  And guess what else?!  Both Jenny’s are nominated this year!  JLO and Jenni Rivera!  You’ll know if Jennifer Lopez shows up to the show on Thursday, April 26, 2012, when you see a big Mexican guy faint and tumble over onto the red carpet, LOL!  Okay, this is definitely better than living vicariously through my friends!

Let me know if there’s a nominee you want me to keep an eye out for.

JLo & Jenni Rivera to go Head to Head at Latin Music Awards

Jenny from the Block vs. Jenni Rivera

Where else but the 2012 Billboard Latin Music Awards would Jennifer Lopez and Jenni Rivera be nominated under the same category?!  Granted their both divas in their own right, and they share the same first name – albeit in different variations – but other than that there’s really few else that the two super stars seem to have in common.  Now, they also share a nomination for 2012 Female Songs Artist of the Year at this year’s Billboard Latin Music Awards!  Also up for the nomination are Shakira and Alejandra Guzman.

Claro, Don Omar, with 16 nominations in 14 categories, and Pitbull, with 14 nods in 12 categories, lead the list of nominees this year.  Though they certainly aren’t the only ones with something to celebrate after the list of nominees for these prestigious music industry awards were announced this week.  Prince Royce received 12 nominations; Mana received 11; and Shakira and Romeo Santos each received 10 nominations.  Others on the list include Larry Hernandez and Espinoza Paz, both up for Solo Regional Mexican Songs Artist of the Year, and Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias, going head to head for the Touring Artist of the Year nod.

The full list of 2012 Billboard Latin Music Award nominees is pretty long.

Now if only they could get Jenni River and Jennifer Lopez to perform in a duet!  I would pay good money to see that show!

The 2012 Billboard Latin Music Awards will be aired live on Telemundo April 26th.