Did Jenni Rivera Deliver at the Latin Billboards?

La Diva de La Banda walked out just as she had walked in, empty handed from the Billboard Latin Music Awards last week.  After losing in the in the Mexican Regional category, where she was the only female nominated, to Gerardo Ortiz, Jenni literally put her best foot forward in […]

Jenni Rivera the Makeup Artist? Do you want her look?

So Jenni Rivera now has a makeup line!  La Diva de la Banda, who also stars in her own reality television show on Mun2, and who sells everything from real estate to tacos through her various entrepreneurial endeavors under her brand, Jenni Rivera… has now partnered with BHCosmetics as well to develop […]

JLo & Jenni Rivera to go Head to Head at Latin Music Awards

Where else but the 2012 Billboard Latin Music Awards would Jennifer Lopez and Jenni Rivera be nominated under the same category?!  Granted their both divas in their own right, and they share the same first name – albeit in different variations – but other than that there’s really few else […]

Nobody throws shade like the Riveras

You’d almost be hard pressed to believe their actually family. This week the late Jenni Rivera‘s family has been all over the media. It all started with this just over 9 minute long video released by Lupillo Rivera on Facebook where he literally unleashes against his two brothers, his sister, […]

Somebody please help Chiquis Rivera!

I know it sounds mean. In all honesty, this post is not intended to be malicious. Sure, when news first broke that Jenni Rivera’s daughter Chiquis Rivera would become a singer herself my expectations weren’t all that high. Then, after months and months of speculation, she finally made her first […]

First Listen: Paloma Blanca by Chiquis Rivera

Wow!  Well I definitely wasn’t planning on sharing any more new music this week… but, when Jenni Rivera’s daughter, Chiquis Rivera releases her debut single launching herself into the limelight of banda music, and well the entertainment industry as a whole, just over one year after her mother’s tragic passing, […]

Tania Mondragon on Women in Norteño Music

Norteño music is still one of those genres that Mexican men seem to dominate over their female counterparts. Despite the likes of Paquita La Del Barrio and Jenni Rivera having made great inroads in the music industry for all mujeres, it still holds very true that we can probably count […]

Pau, Pau, Pau-Latina Paulina is Coming to the X-Factor

So either there’s more to this recent influx of Latina judges on mainstream television shows or Simon Cowell is just plain losing his touch.  Why else would the “larger than life” and smaller than his ego celebrity producer of X-Factor select Mexico’s very own Chica Dorada to replace pop princess […]