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A gift for all the guys in the family, the Motorola Pulse Escape

On music, we hardly ever have a solid agreement. He’s currently into hip hop and rap. I think the other word he uses to describe the music he plays in the car for me to listen to every once in a while, is “trap.” All I know about that genre of music is that Cardi B apparently considers herself the “trap Selena.” I’ll let that sink in for a moment. So, when this sponsored collaboration with Motorola became available to me, I thought it might be a great chance to try one more time to influence my son’s developing taste in music. All opinions are my own.

To be quite honest, I’ve almost all but given up on Edgar having a taste for the regional Mexican music I grew up hating, and now listen to often with a lot of nostalgia. It reminds me of my dad. He used to blast rancheras like it was nobody’s business. It didn’t matter how much my brothers and I protested.

In a way I guess music for me played a big role in the way I understood my father. The lyrics his favorite artists would sing then, now mean so much to me. I’d like for Edgar to feel the same way about my music one day.

A gift for all the guys in the family, the Motorola Pulse Escape

With that in mind, we set out to play each other’s favorite songs on the Motorola Pulse Escape. This was easy to do over Bluetooth without the need for any connections. Since we were also walking around Discovery Green park, the 60-foot range of Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity made each song we played for each other kind of a surprise. I listened to a little bit of Kendrick Lamar, DJ Khalid, Post Malone, and Travis Scott. He got Marc Anthony, Ramon Ayala, Espinoza Paz, and J Balvin.

It was a lot of fun to share our music with each other like this.

A gift for all the guys in the family, the Motorola Pulse Escape

He was also quick to point out he wanted to keep the Motorola Pulse Escape headphones for himself. For $39.99 they are quite the affordable Christmas gift. Who knows, I might surprise a few others with a pair, too. I thought the sound was great, especially because of the noise isolation factor. The whole world was on mute while my rancheras played on full blast! You can also make hands-free calls with the built-in microphone, and you can get 10 hours of wireless playtime with every charge. They also fold for easy storage when traveling.

I like them in white, but you can also get the Motorola Pulse Escape ear headphones in black and red.

A gift for all the guys in the family, the Motorola Pulse Escape

On the music, well we’re both still kind of stuck in our ways… but I know the rancheras are growing on him.

If you know otherwise, don’t tell me.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Motorola. All opinions are my own.