Our trip to Miami this year was nothing if not memorable. That’s really the first thing that comes to mind about the 10 days at the end of March and the beginning of April that we spent traveling to and from the 3-0-5. Yeah, I just kind of quoted Pitbull.

All about our latest visit to the 3-0-5 #Hispz17

We were there for the annual Hispanicize event, which if you haven’t heard us rave on and on about before, is the place to be for anyone in the digital/social media space who is Latino or who has an interest in engaging with this very important and extra large US demographic. If you say that’s pretty much everybody, you’re right.

The event itself is pretty massive. From the first ever CMO Summit, to the one day DiMe Summit for digital content creators, the various tracks for everyone from journalists to agency folks, and not to mention the dozens of exclusive VIP parties and gatherings hosted by some of America’s premier brands, the five days of Hispanicize are jam packed with people to see and connections to make.

All about our latest visit to the 3-0-5 #Hispz17

If it’s your first “rodeo” you might well be a little overwhelmed with everything, but trust me, pace yourself and this single event could be super beneficial to your long term business goals. It has been for ours.

All about our latest visit to the 3-0-5 #Hispz17

Why else would we make the almost 1,200 mile trek by vehicle almost every year?

Speaking of our road trip, here’s a little footage from our drive to Miami:

Now, what were some of our key takeaways this year?

  • Storytelling is definitely still key. Whether it’s on video or in traditional blog platforms, the ability to tell a good story will set you apart.
  • One on one relationships are crucial to scoring your next big opportunity. That’s the whole point of convening under one roof for five days… to meet each other face to face.
  • Fear is out of style. Take risks and be bold. Push yourself to do the things that make you uncomfortable, and you will see the results exponentially.

There are tons more of little nuggets we could go into, but those are the ones that immediately come to mind as the most impactful… for us anyway. Now, if you do want to learn more about Hispanicize and you happen to be in or around the Houston area on April 27th, you’ll want to make plans to attend the following event:

Maybe will see you at next year’s event?

All about our latest visit to the 3-0-5 #Hispz17