Can someone make the Spanish version of Wrecking Ball?

I know.  You’re probably going to block us.  Unsubscribe.  And call it a day.  In a way, I guess we can’t blame you if you do.  But do you remember that not too long ago people would always say our artists were the Spanish version of someone else?

Gloria Trevi was the Spanish version of Madonna.

Paulina Rubio was the Spanish version of Madonna too.

Ricky Martin was the Spanish version of Elvis Presley.

There were other comparisons, but I can’t remember them now that I’m trying to write this post, but I’m almost positive Thalia was the Spanish version of somebody too.  Well, it occurred to me this morning that we haven’t been making a lot of those comparisons anymore.  Or at least I haven’t heard them as much anymore.  That, or I am just not paying attention.  I used to hate them by the way.

Every time someone would say, “oh yeah, Gloria Trevi is like the Spanish version of Madonna… she’s really crazy too!”

Uhm, no she isn’t and never was.

Pero anyway, then that got me thinking… in today’s “out there” music scene that I don’t really understand anymore, who would be the artist that we might hear people say, “oh yeah, she’s like the Spanish version of that Wrecking Ball girl.”

And more importantly, can he or she make the Spanish-language version of Wrecking Ball?  One, because as much I hate to admit it, I kind of can stand that song.  And two, because watching the video in Spanish should be pretty hilarious too!