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Count your pennies by Judit Klein

Call it superstition.  Call it an obsessive compulsive disorder.  Call me crazy even, but these are a few of the things I do just because… all of the time.

  • I pick up pennies from the floor from anywhere, for good fortune.  If I leave one behind I feel like I am throwing away money or telling the universe I don’t need or want my money.
  • I won’t wear only one shoe.  I won’t let Edgar or anyone else wear only one shoe around me.  It brings bad luck to one’s parents I have been told.
  • I set 10 alarms every night and hit snooze 10 times every morning before actually getting up and out of bed.
  • I lock the door and tug at it over and over to make sure it won’t open behind me.  Sometimes I’ll walk away and come back just to tug on it some more.
  • After using my debit card at a store and putting it back in my wallet, I’ll pull out my wallet at least four or five times to check and make sure my debit card is actually in there.
  • I won’t throw away important receipts.  I’ll chew them up in mouth until they’re illegible and then put them in the trash.

Yup, like for reals.

There are way more crazy things I do, but that’s enough for now.