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De Frontera a Frontera by Joel Bergner

So taking a cue from all of you who have shared some pretty awesome nicknames with me over the last couple of months, I’m calling this Version 2.0 of our Latino Nicknames.  We won’t go into any long drawn out introduction about how some of these nicknames came about (we can save that for the comments aquí abajo), instead let’s just get right into the task at hand.  Some of these are from my own family.  Some of them you all have shared.  They are all a wonderful expression of who we are and how we choose to communicate with one another.

True terms of endearment I like to say:

Yuca, Chango, Nena, Flacuncha, Pirulo, Chancla, YaYa, Torito, El Boy, La Pimienta, El Mace, El Ratoncito, La Cebolla, El Chicle, Cito, Chito, Lora, Chelita, Chente, Mama Chayito, Papa Ben, Mamatule, Papanino, Gorda, Flaca, Chule, Chompiras, El Batman, Lluni, Lola, Tini, Chuy, Juanito, Blanquis, Prieta, Guera, Yunior, Chello, Vocha, Tito, Tota, Balde, Miklo, Migue, Bobbi, Chupis, Chela, Chabela, Dora, Epi, Fania, Chana, Noy, Fina, Yoli, Loli, Nine, Mite…

And well, I could go on forever, but now it’s your turn!

What other apodos or nicknames could you add to this list?

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